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Unable to connect container port from localhost when network_mode: “bridge” (docker-compose)

This is my docker-compose.yml yml version: ‘2’ services: admin_db: build: context: . dockerfile: postgres.dockerfile args: – DB_NAME=admin_db – DB_USER=admin – DB_PASSWORD=admin_pass network_mode: “default” admin: build: context: . dockerfile: admin.dockerfile args: – UID=$UID – GID=$GID – UNAME=$UNAME command: /bin/bash depends_on: – admin_db ports: – “8000:8000” links: – admin_db network_mode: “bridge” If with networking_mode:”bridge” I should be […]

Docker container with it's own IP on a root server

I’ve got a debian root server with a secondary IP which I want to use for a docker php/apache container. Server IP: 80.X.X.X.X New/IP assigned by hoster: 46.X.X.X I’d like get all calls to 46.X.X.X:80 / 443 to end up inside the docker container and tried: docker run -d –name php-recent -p 46.X.X.X:80:80 -p 46.X.X.X:443:443 […]

Docker CNI: Failed to setup network

Why can not I create a network for the new pods? Error syncing pod, skipping: failed to “SetupNetwork” for “kube-dns-v11-n4yp4_kube-system” with SetupNetworkError: “Failed to setup network for pod \”kube-dns-v11-n4yp4_kube-system(841109e1-2d93-11e6-8393-080027ad62c7)\” using network plugins \”cni\”: could not find \”.\” plugin; Skipping pod”

localhost within docker user defined network?

I’ve started two docker containers on a user defined docker network. It appears that in order to have one connect to the exported port of the other, I need to address the container-name of that other container, as if it were the host name, thus relying on the underlying docker embedded DNS feature as per […]

Docker Compose networking: hostnames in nginx not resolving

I’ve attempted to migrate my stack to use version 2 docker-compose.yml and have run into a problem with network hostnames not being resolved by nginx. My stack involves an nginx reverse proxy (on debian:wheezy) that serves secure content via several other software components of which I won’t go into detail (see config below). In the […]

persist mtu settings on boot2docker / docker-machine

I have a host-system with several virtualbox boot2docker-vms installed via docker-machine. When I’m in a wireless network, the mtu-size is not low enough, resulting in an error when pulling images or doing other basic commands within the vms. In order to fix it, I have to set the mtu to a lower setting than the […]

Docker giving IP address at the same level as the host, similar to VM bridged networking

I want to assign IP addresses to my docker containers, at the same level as the physical host. i.e. if the IP adress of the host is I would like to give the docker containers IP addresses of,103,104 etc. Essentially I am looking for a functionality similar to bridged networking in VMWare/Virtualbox etc. […]

Get bridge name associated to docker Network

i am creating a docker network using “docker network create –d bridge mynet”. I want to get the bridge name that is associated to this docker network. I know i can use the “-o” to provide bridge name. ex :”docker network create –d bridge -o com.docker.network.bridge.name=mybridge mynet”. This method will work with normal bridge driver […]

How do I use livereload.js when my server is hosted?

I setup my development environment on a cloud server (why not, it’s lovely!). Specifically I am running my dev environment in google cloud with docker, forking the meanjs/mean GitHub and corresponding Dockerhub entry as a starting point. I have mapped the port 3000 from my container where my server is running to port 80 on […]

No suitable driver found (jdbc:pgsql)

(using com.impossibl.postgres.api.jdbc) I’m having issues establishing a connection to a database when I reference something from the hosts file. It DOES seem to work with ‘localhost’ though. Class.forName(“com.impossibl.postgres.jdbc.PGDriver”); String url = “jdbc:pgsql://localhost:5432/db”; Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, “name”, “pass”); I have this running inside of a docker container (on the same host machine as a postgres […]

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