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How to send network packets to the docker container?

Currently I’m using one sles 12 docker image and I run that image in the docker container. I want to send some network packets to this container so that it can capture that network packets using tcpdump. I’m sending these network packets from the local physical machine which is ubuntu 14.04. I’m using tcpreplay for […]

Requirement to accept network packets in container from host or outside? (docker port forwarding)

I’m trying to capture network packets(udp) in the container. I’m trying to send packets from the host machine(vm contains sles12) and physical local machine. I know for accessing container from the outside we need to perform port mapping. Port Mapping – docker run –privileged -p :8945:8945/udp –net=bridge -i -t –name network_capture_container capture_image /bin/bash where, -p […]

Docker DNS on Enterprise Networked Ubuntu

I want to setup some docker containers on an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus desktop on the network of my campus. Unfortunately, it seems like the DNS in the docker containers doesn’t work, aka that docker run mhart/alpine-node:latest ping works but docker run mhart/alpine-node:latest ping google.com doesn’t. Running the docker with the –net=host option works, […]

Unable to run android emulator inside Docker container

I’m trying to run android emulator to run some tests on it. I’ve got a Docker container containing Android SDK with build tools, platform tools and so on. I’ve successfully created AVD: jenkins@b4c6c9cee181:/$ android list avd Available Android Virtual Devices: Name: hudson_de-DE_160_HVGA_android-24_armeabi-v7a Path: /home/jenkins/.android/avd/hudson_de-DE_160_HVGA_android-24_armeabi-v7a.avd Target: Android 7.0 (API level 24) Tag/ABI: default/armeabi-v7a Skin: hvga Sdcard: […]

Port Forwarding in docker across containers

I am trying to achieve port forwarding in a docker container to simulate a medium for network conditions. Currently my docker-compose.yml looks like this: source: build: … links: – medium medium: build: … links: – destination expose: – 9000 – 9001 destination: build: … expose: – 8000 – 8001 What I am trying to do […]

Networking in Docker Swarm, and why we need a proxy

I have seen some docker swarm examples, where multiple networks are used. For example, we define Proxy service to run in Proxy network, Database to run in App network, and the Application itself to run both in App network and Proxy network. All of those are overlay network, just name differs. Proxy service publishes some […]

Why can't I access a host port from my Docker container?

I’ve read this post which asks the same question, but the solutions there don’t seem to work. Basically I’m trying to access a port on the host os from inside the docker, and I’m using the –net=”host” flag as suggested in the linked post. However, I’m still unable to access the port. The only thing […]

Containers IP accessible in local network Docker for Windows (Hyper-V)

i’m using Docker for Windows with Hyper-V I want my containers to be accessible in my local network ( with their own IP (for example and, i’ve tried to change networks Hyper-V settings (‘DockerNAT’) to ‘external’ , but my containers are only accessible in my office with my host’s ip ( How can […]

How to access several ports of a Docker container inside the same container?

I am trying to put an application that listens to several ports inside a Docker image. At the moment, I have one docker image with a Nginx server with the front-end and a Python app: the Nginx runs on the port 27019 and the app runs on 5984. The index.html file listens to localhost:5984 but […]

Access Kitematic (docker) apache website over port 80

Using Kitematic I have created an Apache webserver and am able to access it over port 32769. Port 32769 works for these scenarios: (VirtualBox VM) (home network. Configured VM to forward Host 32769 to Guest (no ip) 32769) (public IP. Configured router to forward 32769 to Port 80 works for […]

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