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Hostname resolution fails when running docker build from a docker container

We are running a Jenkins CI server from a docker container, started with docker-compose. The Jenkins server is running some jobs which are pulling projects from git and building docker containers the standard way executing docker build . on them. To be able to use docker inside the docker container we are mounting over /var/run/docker.sock […]

Problems with docker container to container communication on same host when firewalld/iptables is enabled

Here is my configuration : Host Virtual Machine is CentOS 7.1 Docker version is 1.8.1 Container 1 -> exposes port 8071 and runs a web service Container 2 -> exposes port 8081 and runs a front end web app firewalld is enabled and running Following works – (let’s say the IP address of host centos […]

how docker container can get IP where docker swarm runs

So my application server (instance with swarm installed) and many clients (docker containers on a different physical nodes) require that clients should connect to server by hostname and I don’t know how container can get node IP where swarm runs to be able to connect. I know that I can pass hosts rules to each […]

Getting Docker linked containers localhost pointing to host localhost

So on my host environment I have this tomcat service running on port 10000 so I can access the office internal services. I have a windows hosts entry: localhost developer.mycompany.com So I can access the endpoint developer.mycompany.com:10000/some/url and if successful return a json response. I also have a Docker compose file that has spun up […]

Docker 1.9 overlay network – access from host

Im curious to know what the best method would be to access containers on a Docker overlay network, from the host machine that’s running the daemon. I previously used Weave, and would expose a weave IP to the host machine, so that utilities running on the host machine can access containers on the Weave IP […]

Application connect to container directly

May be this is a common question in docker technology stack. Say suppose we have 1. A client application “A” running on a host IPAddressA, 2. A docker container host with IPAddressB 2.1 An server “S” running as a container on above container host with IPAddressC. What should be done to make sure that client […]

Manipulating network traffic between containers in Docker in Docker environment without privileged mode?

In an environment where docker containers are running inside other docker containers (by mounting the docker socket, not running as privileged), is there any way to manipulate the network to do things like: Introduce latency Drop % of packets Bandwidth caps I am only interested in docker-to-docker traffic from containers I am starting myself with […]

how to setup dns nameserver in docker permanently in user-defined network?

I need define nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf user defined network. I know that directive —dns is working in default bridge of docker engine. But I created user defined network.

Docker to VM Networking

We have been migrating part of our system over to a more microservice-orientated architecture. To run this, we have opted to run them as docker containers. Our architecture at the moment is as follows: a) Several web servers, hosting the still monolithic PHP application b) 3 new VM’s, which will run An “alerting” microservice A […]

Access to the docker machine from Android app

I’m trying to run my app final testing phase where I have to use several Android phones using a local network to access a web-service running at one server in the same network. To start, the Android S.O. do not permit to access services of any kind in a local network. The only way to […]

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