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PCI passthrough strategy in Docker or oVirt

We have to deploy a test system where a Docker container or a VM (oVirt 3.5) shares up to 4x 10GB network cards with other containers/VMs. So far we are using just oVirt for this purpose but we would like to shift to a Dockerized system to save some resources on the machines. Does anybody […]

How to hide Docker containers behind a single hostname

I’m pretty new to Docker. I started by approaching with the VM mindset, but I’m realizing that it uses a whole different paradigm from VMs, or even traditional LXC containers. The biggest challenge has been with understanding how networking works. I’m trying to use Docker to run multiple services on a machine that require some […]

how to change MTU inside docker container on ubuntu 14.4

I want to change MTU(Maximum Transmission Unit) inside docker which is running on ubuntu 14.04. Also docker container running with ubuntu 14.04. The problem is that its docker0 interface on host os can change the MTU value from 1500 to 9000 but its doesn’t gives affects inside docker os. means inside docker it is running […]

Intergration of Docker with OpenStack via Docker Heat Plugin

I’m trying to integrate Docker with OpenStack (icehouse) via the Docker-Heat Pluigin and I’m facing a problem. OpenStack is configured according to the tutorial by OpenStack for Ubuntu. I’m using a controller node and a compute node (just the 2 nodes) with the legacy nova-networking. Things to keep in mind: Controller Node: 1 network interface […]

Access container from outside (without port mapping)

I’m using Docker 1.13.1 on my Centos 7.3 virtual machine and run a container based on Centos 6 on it. My problem is that I want to acccess my container from outside of the virtual machine but without port mapping! Is there a way to access my container via IP or hostname? Maybe I could […]

Docker for windows development environment setup

I am trying to figure out how to setup a development environment for developing multiple apis locally. My development environment is as follows: Host Machine: SQL Server 2016 Express Installed on the host listening at,1433 which I can connect to locally from the host and from other PCs on the network. Docker for […]

Query port number used by process in a docker container

I have 2 docker containers – one running a monitoring app and the other running a service, both running in the same network namespace with net=host. (Mesos runs all jobs with this parameter.) The service can bind to a random port. How can I query which port has the service bound itself to, from the […]

How to get the ip and port of the docker host in a docker container?

When a docker container is starting, its explosed port would be mapped to a port of the docker host. Of cause, I can use the specified mapped port, but, I don’t want to do so. Is there a method to get the ip and port of the docker host in a docker container when it […]

Is it possible to assign a static public ip to a Docker Container?

I have been trying to assign one of my five public ip’s to my docker container. It seems like this should be possible because of the nature of docker and its uses. I found this website that I think explains what I want to do but it no longer works since Docker went away from […]

Download failure within official ubuntu docker images on Ubuntu 14.04 host

Trying to build a new docker image from the official ubuntu:12.04 and ubuntu:latest on a Ubuntu 14.04.02 Trusty Server. It is not a DNS problem. It’s working fine. I’m not behind a proxy. I get the network connection, but can’t download the files. Always get 404: file not found, but the url is correct. Finally […]

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