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Linux Networking – Docker Container to Remote Host via Gateway without using route add?

I’m struggling with a networking issue. I have a Docker instance running on with all the containers on the network. With Vagrant you would do something like sudo route add -net netmask gw to access the subnet. However, when I run route add inside the container I get SIOCADDRT: Operation […]

dial tcp: lookup xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: no such host

Trying to push an docker image to private docker repository. but getting error like: “dial tcp: lookup xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: no such host”. I have logged in correctly to the repository and build succeeded. The following command using to push the image to private repo: sud docker push x.x.x.x:446/dns/graphs

How to connect to Informix DB on host machine from a container through jdbc?

Informix db 12.10 is installed and works fine to connect via a java application using informix jdbc, both are on host machine. When I use a docker container to run my java application and connect to Informix on host machine, it does not connect. The docker0 on host machine shows and ip of container […]

Can't discover docker container on user defined network

Since i updated to Docker version 1.10 i’m not able to find other containers on the user defined network. I’m not able to ping the newly created container connected to the same network. I’ve created a network called “my_net”. Then I’m creating a container with the flag: “–net=my_net” and calling it: “first_container”. Then When I […]

how to use Openvswitch bridge as bridge driver in docker libnetwork

I am working with libnetwork for docker networking. Libnetwork has different network divers ex. null,Bridge, Overlay ,Remote. In the bridge driver libnetwork create a bridge inside the host machine so that containers can be connected to that. It create linux bridges when we use bridge driver in libnetwork. My problem is how to replace linux […]

Docker is not correctly binding ports on windows

I am beginning to move my project to a docker container in order to be able to develop more stuff without depending too much on the OS I’m using. This is the way I run my container: docker run -d -v “$(pwd)/app:/app” -v “/c/Users/Geoffrey/Projects/go:/go” –name “server” –link mysql:mysql -p my/server:latest Quickly, my program executes […]

Oracle Java in Docker Container cannot resolve hostname after /etc/nsswitch.conf changed

I was minimizing Oracle-JRE 8 Docker Image to deploy my own playframework app. Host: CentOS 7 minimal + Oracle JRE 8 The steps are as following: Create bash docker image with busybox, since playframework generate bash based startup scripts. I built bash binaries, and use ldd /bin/bash to find related lib so files, and ADD […]

Configure LXC to use wireless hosted network

I found most of the configuration is for giving static or private network. But I want it to act as a different machine so it will get a separate IP address from the DHCP and I want to do it through nmcli. Thanks in advance.

Docker container name not resolved as DNS for overlay network not reachable

I’ve an application composed of a kafka producer and another kafka consumer. I’m trying to deploy it on a Docker swarm on AWS with mutli-host networking enabled. Kafka container is created by the following docker-compose.yml file: kafka: image: spotify/kafka environment: ADVERTISED_PORT: 9092 ports: – “2181:2181” – “9092:9092” This is how I run the containers for […]

Is Docker capable of providing container with gigabit network?

I tried to setup a docker environment with gigabit network speed. My docker host is capable and nativly running services with 1000mbps. Is it even possible to enable my docker container to use gigabit network speed and avoid the fastethernet (100mbps) connection? If so, can anyone give my a hint how to do that or […]

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