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UDP packets aren't forwarded to Node Application inside of docker container

I have a docker container on my desktop that I can send udp packets to directly via the docker machines IP address {1}. However, when I attempt to go to another computer and send the same request to my machine via {2} (i observe via wireshark that the udp packet is received) the packet is […]

Docker Container Networking with Docker-in-Docker

I would like to network with a child docker container from a parent docker container, with a docker-in-docker setup. Let’s say I’m trying to connect to a simple Apache httpd server. When I run the httpd container on my host machine, everything works fine: asnyder:~$ docker run -d -p 8080:80 httpd:alpine asnyder:~$ curl localhost:8080 <html><body><h1>It […]

ECS network host mode and links = CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists

I’m using AWS ECS to deploy my group of docker containers and in bridge network mode all works perfectly but with a slow performance… I’ve read that this problem resolves with a host network mode but if i use this, it causes an error on containers deploy (some of them), “CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists”. Looking […]

Connect to dockerized rest service from mobile app in development

We are developing both a mobile app and a backend REST service. The rest service (and database) run in OpenShift (using Minishift), as docker containers. We would like to be able to develop both the mobile app and the backend rest service on the same laptop. But, when running the app, we are not able […]

use docker container on host network without sharing host's ip

My docker host is part of the local network Is there a way to run a container that becomes a part of the host network, but does not share the same ip as the host? So for example if the host has the ip i’d like to provide to the container without […]

Docker on mac with VirtualBox VM in Bridged mode

I tried changing adapter 2 of the ‘default’ VM used by docker from ‘host-only’ to ‘bridged’ in order to being able to access the docker containers from other machines in the local network of the host. What I get after running the terminal command is this message: What I need to do so that docker […]

Docker set ipaddress and start services

I have setup docker and create container but problem is i want to bring up on my LAN IP subnet, I have configured docker0 has bridged and start docker -d -b docker0, Now i want to start container with static IP and start httpd and mysqld services. Dockerfile: FROM centos/centos6-latest RUN /sbin/ifconfig eth0 RUN […]

Hot to enable swarm containers to connect to the host machine?

I need to use docker in swarm mode to use some shared secrets through my services. One of these services needs to use a local MS SQL database on my computer. This is my docker-compose file: version: ‘3.2’ services: auth_service: build: ./Services/AuthService image: sandhaka/auth_service command: dotnet run –rm ports: – “5000:5000” environment: ASPNETCORE_URLS: http://*:5000 DB_CONNECTION_STRING: […]

Is it possible to isolate docker container in user-defined overlay network from outside internet?

With new network feature in docker 1.10 it is possible to create isolated overlay networks – which works very well. Containers in 2 separate networks can not talk to each other. Is it possible, however, to deny container in overlay network to reach public internet? Eg to make ping fail, while having docker host […]

Port mapping in Docker on Mac OSX installed with Docker Toolbox

I installed Docker on a Mac using the Docker Toolbox. I opened Docker Quickstart Terminal and ran docker run hello-world That works fine. Then I tried: docker run -d -p 8080:80 nginx I can see that the container is added. docker log with the container id returns nothing but I think that’s normal? When I […]

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