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Eureka on docker container : unknown host exception

I’m trying to start eureka server via spring boot on docker container and getting the following exception “unknownhostexception”. Now in the eureka config.properties file I’ve used hostname as localhost however the exception is showing that it somehow uses the hostname of the container rather than using the hostname which I’ve defined in eureka properties file. […]

Character encoding of the HTML document was not declared in docker Eureka

I have Eureka server running at port 9090 in a docker container in windows environment. When I hit http://[host]:9090, I can see Eureka home page. When I move same fat jar in AWS EC2 docker instance, the server run without any error. But when I hit http://[host]:9090 then I get below error – The character […]

Eureka cluster and docker-compose: Registering with host even when I set preferIpAdress: true

I am trying to setup a spring eureka cluster. Source code can be checked at https://github.com/ricardobaumann/eureka_lb_helloworld/tree/scale_support. The problem is: The instances are not being registered with their IP addresses even when I set eureka: instance: preferIpAddress: true When I hit the eureka server I see Application AMIs Availability Zones Status AUTH n/a (1) (1) UP […]

Spring Cloud Eureka Client

I’m using Spring Cloud in a docker container so I have a Eureka server in one container and a Eureka client in another container. My problem is that the order in which the containers start up, if the client starts up before the eureka server then I get lots of exceptions in the log e.g. […]

Spring Netflix Eureka Client Docker

I managed to setup a Eureka server and Eureka service client on Docker by using the property eureka.instance.preferIpAddress=true. But a my service is unable to connect to other services which are not present in Docker. Can anyone please explain how Eureka server works inside and outside of Docker.

Why do Spring Cloud Netflix applications deployed on Docker containers require explicitly setting eureka.instance.hostname?

A simple scenario: 2 eureka servers (http://archimedes1 http://archimedes2) 1 Config Server 1 Zull Gateway 1 Business Microservice Deployed on localhost everything works as expected. I dockerized them to run on individual containers for each app and tested on Docker over Windows. What I see after deploying (config server, zull, and b-ms) is that if I […]

Connectivity from microservice on host out of docker-compose network

I have a docker-compose.yml with several spring cloud microservices executing on my local machine. But I want an microservice executing on the local machain, not in a docker. This microservice can access to de external docker ip but can’t access to the internal ips that “eureka” has registred. I try (Unsuccessfully) deploy an OpenVPN docker. […]

Get the right domain name in Eureka on Docker

I am working with the Spring framework on a micro services architecture and i am using HTTPS with a self signed certificate (*.mydomainname.fr). As register i am using Eureka and as proxy i am using Zuul. So my services must be registered on Eureka with the name “service-name”.mydomainname.fr because of my certificate. Also, i am […]

How can Services running in a Docker VM and running on localhost register at EUREKA dynamically?

I have a problem with my Eureka Configuration. Normally all my services are running as docker containers in a VM. My configuration looks as follows: eureka: instance: prefer-ip-address: true ip-address: Sometimes I want to debug a service and start it locally as spring-boot application and it still registers with the IP above. As far […]

Microservice registration with Eureka replicas in docker swarm cluster

If I have a microservice for Eureka service discovery and I have 5 replicas for it in docker-compose.yml then, these 5 eureka containers would be spread across multiple swarm nodes available in swarm cluster. My question is, when a microservice wants to register itself with eureka, Would it specify the ip address of the master […]

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