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Symfony 3 in Docker – Weird Connection Refused error

Working on a Symfony 3 project. All my CLI doctrine commandos concerning the database work, like: doctrine:database:create or doctrine:schema:update –force Weirdly enough, I’m trying to get some data from my repository in my controller method, but there i seem to bounce on a Connection refused error when I try to navigate to the page in […]

Using MySQL with Spring boot docker image

I have this problem that I can’t really find a solution. I have 1GB droplet (Ubuntu) on digitalocean and I installed mysql using this page. I logged in mysql console, imported my database, created a new user with required permissions. Its all good until this point. I have pulled my docker image from docker hub […]

Kubernetes service dns resolution returning wrong IP

I have a simple MYSQL pod sitting behind a MYSQL service. Additionally I have another pod that is running a python process that is trying to connect to the MYSQL pod. If I try connecting to the IP address of the MYSQL pod manually from the python pod, everything is A-OK. However if I try […]

Gitlab CI: Persist MySQL data between stages

How do I persist MySQL data between different build stages? I have MySQL set up as a service however, when going from a build to a deploy stage the MySQL database is empty and I’m unable to find any information on this. Example gitlab-ci.yml: image: php:latest services: – mysql:5.6 stages: – build – deploy build: […]

Run project dependencies commands from dockerfile

I have a laravel project that requires: mysql database image mongo database image dependencies: npm, composer, gulp, bower So I created a docker-compose.yml with 3 services: version: ‘2.0’ services: db-mysql: image: mysql environment: – “MYSQL_DATABASE=app_db” – “MYSQL_USER=db_user” – “MYSQL_PASSWORD=nutella” – “MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=choco” db-mongo: image: mongo app: volumes: – C:\Users\svirl\Documents\workspace\app-web:/var/www/html/:rw build: app links: – db-mysql – db-mongo […]

Docker mysql_connect(): Can't connect

Bearing in mind I’m trying to run in a docker environment with php 5.4 due to Kohana PHP MVC being a framework which hasn’t been updated and is no longer going to be supported, get following error mysql_connect(): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)” [“string”:”Exception”:private]=> string(0) “” [“code”:protected]=> int(2) [“file”:protected]=> string(64) […]

Seeding a MySQL DB for a Dockerized Django App

I am tasked with creating a click-button style use of Docker for developers of a Django app to do local development. I am using docker-compose in combination with private repos on my Docker Hub and it’s working well. Except that the app has no default data. The developers have requested to use a full prod […]

mysql container broken, how to recover data?

our IT broke the mysql container and now it can not be started. I understand that I can commit a new version and run it without entrypoint, so I can “exec -it” to enter and check what’s wrong. but how can I recover my data? inspect the old container and copy all files from mounted […]

Can't connect to Windows 10 Docker mysql

Win 10 Composer version 1.4.1 2017-03-10 09:29:45 PHP 7 npm/Node Docker CE Apache 2.4 Powershell git BASH shell drush (installed via composer) Noob Composer/Docker skills I have a docker config yml specifying how mysql service can start: version: “2” services: mysql: image: mysql:5.6 ports: – 3306:3306 volumes: – /data/nbif_mysql:/var/lib/mysql environment: MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD: “yes” And when I […]

OSX Docker/WordPress/MySQL — Connection Error: (1130) Host 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server

This question is different than other similar questions because it involves running in a Docker container on OS X , which has previously been running fine for a week, and is now failing. Following the instructions here: https://medium.com/@tatemz/local-wordpress-development-with-docker-3-easy-steps-a7c375366b9 I was able to get a local WordPress install up and running very quickly and it’s been […]

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