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Docker image extending the mysql image isn't running the initdb scripts

Documentation for the mysql docker image says: When a container is started for the first time […] it will execute files with extensions .sh and .sql that are found in /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d. You can easily populate your mysql services by mounting a SQL dump into that directory and provide custom images with contributed data. So at […]

Mysqladmin in mysql docker?

I’m new to the Docker business. I set up a nginx, php and mysql docker – now I would like to look at the mysql database. Is there a mysqladmin function or something so I don’t have to write helpers from the start? Thank you!

Linux – Docker MySQL Image – CREATE MYSQL_USER

I am new to docker containers, and I am working on automating some MySQL tasks. By using bash scripts I am able to automate the creation and dump of Databases but now i am trying to create the new user getting input from the command line and it is not working. this is my script: […]

Can't access SQL db inside Docker container

I have a SQL db running successfully. However, I cannot access it in my SQL client. docker run -it –name sql_key_container -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=testpw -e MYSQL_DATABASE=key_volume -p 3306:3306 -d myimgname/ubuntumaria:0.2 I verified it’s running by docker exec fcd12bf1da81 /etc/init.d/mysql status I mapped 3306 -> 3306 and using the host IP. Still getting a timeout. What could […]

Dockerfile and background running mysql server

i have problems… Firstly i have a Dockerfile where i define all the steps, like updating system, installing mysql, change mysql root password. Then i set an EntryPoint so my container on start will exec mysql server. I have 2 problems: – When i start the container, it restarts every 10 seconds. – When i […]

Access denied for mysql docker image in bamboo

I’ve got this configuration for a MySQL Docker image: mysqldata: image: busybox volumes: – /var/lib/mysql mysql: image: mysql:5.6 ports: – “8203:3306” volumes_from: – mysqldata environment: – “MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes” – “MYSQL_USER=root” and I lift it up with docker-compose up -d mysql, and I can run commands against the DB in the image, access it without problems, etc. […]

Write error when importing large database to docker

I am importing a large application to Docker. Part of the application is a database. I have dumped the database into .sql file and now I am trying to import it to the docker container running official mysql image by mounting a directory from host machine and issuing command mysql -u myUsername -p myDB < […]

docker to connect with mysql database of host system and dump the sql file into host system and then host a web application

I am new to Docker but i have read quite about it. Now my requirement is: I will give my client a shell script which he would run on a base ubuntu os on a completely new system. The docker image should use the database of host system. The shell script will do all the […]

Different range ip address whit docker container restored

I don’t found how to change ip address in a container docker imported from other host. Previously I save my container docker with mysql database with tar file, docker version 1.11.1, ip range 172.17.0.X (if I stop and start container ip address change). Then in the new host and same version of docker, but now […]

Scripts and Dockerfile

I am trying to run a a mysql benchmark (sysbench) inside my docker container. The script works well and performs the benchmark while running in the host terminal but when I try to run it inside a container I get an error as: FATAL: unable to connect to MySQL server, aborting… FATAL: error 2002: Can’t […]

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