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Docker+Mesos+Marathon on windows 7/8/10

I have windows 7/10 machine and i have docker terminal running on the same which is using boot2docker as VM , i have fetched mesos(master/slave) , marathon images from the docker hub and i am able to open marathon and mesos GUI’s , now my ultimate goal is to deploy a docker image or mysql […]

fail to access mysql via docker link

I use two docker containers, one with mysql and another with a wildfly application. It works fine if I start them this way: docker run -d –name db -p 3306:3306 mysql_server docker run -d wildfly_server But as port 3306 is normally used in my host, I’d like to use the link feature of docker: docker […]

docker-compose for artifactory and mysql images

I am using docker-compose to set up Artifactory pro with MySQL as the storage database. Here is my docker-compose.yml artifactory: build: artifactory links: – mysql mysql: image: stain/mysql-for-artifactory And here is artifactory/Dockerfile #Dockerfile for Artifactory Pro FROM stain/artifactory-with-mysql ADD ./artifactory.war /tomcat/webapps When I run the command ‘docker-compose up’ I get the following exception: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error […]

How WordPress should be runned on Docker

I am very newbie on all of this stuff of Docker. I’ve read on some sites that should exist one image per each application is running. This means that for run wordpress I would need at least 2 images: One for MySQL and another for WordPress (and apache). In fact, the official WordPress docker image […]

Percona 5.6 Docker Image cannot load my /etc/mysql/conf.d/*.cnf

I am struggling on this issue for at least 14 hours so far :(. I am configuring a build server with docker, jenkins, java, scala on top of CentOS 7. While working with liquibase and jooq:codegen, I need to have proper MySQL(Percona:5.6) containers setup, but unfortunately, it seems that Official Percona Image (Percona:5.6) does not […]

Docker Passenger Dashboard shows MySQL can't connect to socket

I’m Trying to deploy Ruby on Rails app on phusion/passenger-ruby21 container and a separate mysql:5.5.46 container. Both are linked without docker compose. I ran Passenger-ruby container with: sudo docker run -it -p 80:80 –link mysql55:mysql -e .env –name ror1 rubyonrails-phusionimg2 /bin/bash mysql container with: sudo docker run –detach –name mysql55 –env MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=**** –env MYSQL_USER=**** –env […]

How to configure the directory where to store each database?

The context : I’m “playing” with Docker to host severals websites on one of my VPS. I run 1 httpd docker container for each of this website, but I’ve not enought resources to run 1 mysqld container for all of them… So I’m going to run only 1 mysqld instance, but I would like to […]

access my docker mysql container in java class

I’m leaning docker and trying to connect a db in my java application. I already create the container and started it 5621fc9b438d mysql/mysql-server:latest “/entrypoint.sh mysq About an hour ago Up About an hour 3306/tcp mysql-db I also accessed the container and create one database by bash. I’m having problem to connect the db on Java […]

Howto link a prestashop docker to an existing mysql server

I’m using the following Prestashop docker: https://hub.docker.com/r/prestashop/prestashop/ It so happens that I already have a mysql server running on the host, because that was included with the whole DirectAdmin panel. The variable DB_SERVER does nothing if I specify localhost or the IP adres of my server. -p 3306:3306 is also not allowed, since that port […]

How to connect WordPress and MySql running on independant containers

WordPress is running inside a Docker container on hostA and MySQL is running inside a Docker container on hostB. Is it possible to link these two containers to communicate to each other? Is this even possible to do something like this? Any help on this is much appreciated as am pretty new to Docker

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