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Run multi mysql services on same machine

I have linux machine ( ubuntu 14.04 32GB RAM 8 core …) I want to run on this machine several Slaves ( currently 5 slave replications but I will need more ) I use master-slave mysql replication From my point of view there are 2 options to do that 1. use mysqld_multi – set 5 […]

Camunda/JBOSS with MySQL

I want to give my Docker Container with Camunda and JBOSS access to my MySQL Database that is on AWS RDS. Do I need to configure the file: ./standalone/configuration/standalone.xml inside my container or is it possible to give my container access to my MySQL DB by typing something like this: docker run -d –name camunda […]

Exception occuring when updating database schema in symfony

I am pretty new to Symfony and Doctrine and as such have been playing around with a branch of some code which I will need to be working on commercially in the near future. To cut a long story short I am at the stage now where I have amended an existing entity in order […]

mysql with Exited(1) from docker

Start learning docker and try to setup a mysql container. But it dies immediately with Exited(1). Following is the command used docker run mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password1 Looking at docker ps, it does not show any running docker container with docker ps -a returns the following : CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES e681f56c52e2 […]

Cannot connect from MySQL Workbench to dockerized MySQL server

I’m trying to connect from the MySQL Workbench to my dockerized mysql server. I’m using Windows 10. Here is my Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:latest # package updates & install mysql RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y mysql-server RUN apt-get -y install supervisor ADD supervisord.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/supervisord.conf # bind sql script ADD musicdb.sql /tmp/musicdb.sql RUN sed -i […]

Unable to connect to dockerized mysql db remotely

On my AWS ec2 server I have docker 1.9.1 installed. In an image test_image based from ubuntu:trusty official docker image, I have tried to setup the LEMP(Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) architecture. Following is the docker command i have used to start my container: docker run –name test_1 -d -p 80:80 -p 3306:3306 test_image /bin/sh -c […]

Fixing World-writable MySql error in Docker

I’m using docker-compose, for db I have such container defined: db: build: ../builds/mysql-5.7 environment: – MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=pass – MYSQL_DATABASE= – MYSQL_USER= – MYSQL_PASSWORD= expose: – 3306 volumes: – /c/Users/marcin/dock-test/composers/l1.app/mysql/data/:/var/lib/mysql/ – /c/Users/marcin/dock-test/composers/l1.app/mysql/conf.d/:/etc/mysql/conf.d/ – /c/Users/marcin/dock-test/composers/l1.app/mysql/log/:/var/log/mysql/ My Dockerfile for this image is: # Base image FROM mysql:5.7 # Set valid file permissions – otherwise MySql won’t read those files […]

Continuous Delivery on WordPress using Docker

I have had this problem very often in the past: I have a wordpress site that is in production. I deployed the site manually from my local machine. So if there were changes, I exported the database and the files from the local file system again and imported them on the remote production server. That […]

How to mount RBD image (ceph) to default data directory of mysql docker

I want mysql read/write data to my RBD image. I use rbd-docker-plugin to mount RBD into docker pull from https://hub.docker.com/_/mysql/ First I try docker run -it –volume-driver=rbd –volume foo:/mnt/foo ceph/base bash and I touch “aa” file inside /mnt/foo in docker then I stop docker and when I mount foo into another docker “aa” file still […]

Docker: docker-compose.yml file of nginx+mariadb+php+redis

I want to write a docker-compose.yml of nginx+mariadb+php+redis, I read the documentation about compose-file,url: https://docs.docker.com/compose/compose-file/#versioning format is like this: version: ‘2’ services: web: build: . ports: – “5000:5000” volumes: – .:/code networks: – front-tier – back-tier redis: image: redis volumes: – redis-data:/var/lib/redis networks: – back-tier volumes: redis-data: driver: local networks: front-tier: driver: bridge back-tier: driver: […]

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