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Mount directory as volume in Docker on Windows 10

I installed Docker on Windows 10 but I have an problem with mount directory (docker it is installed with virtualbox). I want to mount this path -v /D/www/project_name:/usr/public/www . But I can not do that because I don’t have permission. If I try to mount -v /C/Users/Public/test:/usr/public/www, that works. How can set permission on partition […]

SSHFS Mount for Docker Container / Node Server needs to access files on an external server

How do I execute a SSHFS Mount to mount a volume on a different server into my docker image / docker container ? The docker container contains a simple NodeJS web server. This web-page displays pictures. I have to get those image-files from a different server with different IP. So far I had this without […]

Plex Media Server And encFS

I’m trying to Spin Plex Media server in Docker. And I want to mass my media as a Volume, but encrypted. Flow: 1. Mount volume from external storage on underlaying host. 2. mount volume to docker container as volume 3. encrypt data with encfs inside the docker 4. access data in Plex 5. Enjoy your […]

Docker and Volumes nocopy

I want to mount a directory from my host to a Docker container, and I want to make some modifications inside the container, but when I modify the content on the mounted point it’s reflected on the host the changes. for example: $ docker run -d –name webserver01 -v /home/guest/app:/app Then I made some change […]

Docker Data Volumes and Mounting to Host

I just read through the Docker documentation and am trying to understand Docker Data Volumes a little better that the docs were a wee bit fuzzy on. It is my understanding that there are two ways you can mount a Docker Volume: Simple mount (e.g. docker run -it -v /data –name container1 busybox); and Mount […]

s3 mounted inside the container. how to expose it to the host?

I have been playing around with possibility of having a container that mounts an s3 bucket and exposes it to the outside. I used https://github.com/FindHotel/aws-s3-mount to have the s3 bucket mounted inside the container successfully. The mount is using FUSE. I couldn’t find a way to reach to that s3 mount from the host. Is […]

How to access lower layer files in docker?

I have two docker images, one provides files from a directory outside the services directory, and the other that service itself. So let image1 be the one for outside files and let image2 be the one containing the service. image1‘s dockerfile is as follows: FROM node:0.10.38 ADD . /opt/services/models WORKDIR /opt/services/models RUN npm install VOLUME […]

Save docker images in mounted Volume

I’ve a small HD (24GB) on /dev/sda and another bigger under /dev/sdb. I would like to teach docker to save images in the second HD. I tried with the -g flag in /etc/default/docker file, but this will create a folder before the HD is mounted. Any advice on how to achieve this? I’m running on […]

Symlink to volume in Docker container

I’ve created a Docker container a small application, in which I have a directory whose contents I want to replace (or not) depending on the environment. I’m trying to solve this by creating a volume and only mounting it in other environments. Inside the container, I’m creating a symlink to the volume from my source […]

Docker: Is it necessary to mount a new partition

I want to install a product on Docker. It was previously installed on an EC2-server of Amazon. The installation starts with creating a mount point /product. Than they partition a disk with fdisk and they’re creating a new partition. After that they create a filesystem and mount the new partition to /product. I’m not familiar […]

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