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Multidocker environment, amazon beanstalk, mounting volumes

What I’m trying to achieve: I have a docker container which contains a CMS, that CMS has a folder named ‘assets’. I need the asset folder to be available to other containers, and also for the data to be safe from deletion when containers/images are removed. How I’ve attempted to solve it: I have read […]

Docker “/bin/bash” could not be invoked when mounting an NFS file with -v on openstack

I’m running an Ubuntu 14.04 instance that has docker installed on openstack. I’m trying to mount a volume into a docker container. I’m doing this with docker run -t -i -v /mnt/data/dir:/mnt/test ubuntu Where /mnt/data/dir is an NFS shared directory. Doing this gets me: docker: Error response from daemon: Container command ‘/bin/bash’ could not be […]

How to mount directory in docker (Hyper-V, tensorflow container)

I have been using docker toolbox with OracleVM. I just switched to Windows 10, and am trying to user Hyper-V. To mount directory when I had OracleVM and Docker Toolbox, I did this: Mounting directory from windows machine to OracleVMBox for Tensor on Docker And it worked. However, I am lost again. So, I installed […]

how to mount a Host volume to node.js docker container

sudo docker run -p 3000:3000 -d –name mca-service myteam/reponame this is the command i usually using to run the container. i have a folder in /var/log/appLog. i need to mount this directory with the contaner to store my app log file to make it persistent. i tried sudo docker run -p 3000:3000 -d –name mca-service […]

Wildfly inside docker with externalized configuration

I am currently working on extending an end2end environment which amoung other things consists of a wildfly domaincontroller and x number of slaves. For now just 1. To enable this to run for any developer, most being on windows, I have a secure vagrant box in which the docker daemon runs. The idea is then […]

can't open fuse device in a docker container when mounting a davfs2 volume

I encounter the following error when I try to mount a davfs2 volume on a docker container : geoserver@8e8091d97157:~$ mount owncloud/ /sbin/mount.davfs: loading kernel module fuse /sbin/mount.davfs: loading kernel module fuse failed /sbin/mount.davfs: waiting for /dev/fuse to be created /sbin/mount.davfs: can’t open fuse device /sbin/mount.davfs: trying coda kernel file system /sbin/mount.davfs: no free coda device […]

Persistent easily-accessible storage in Docker

I’m trying to create an environment in which one can run websites in containers and all the traffic forwarding based on subdomain is automatically controlled in HAProxy, SSL is automatically setup, etc. That works now, but I’m running into one very frustrating issue: Working on the websites. You can’t access the website directly because there […]

How can we mount volume on a container that's running without commit, stopping or pausing it?

I created a docker container that is already running a the bash. $ docker run -ti ubuntu bash In a new terminal I check for the running containers: $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 354449b423e1 ubuntu “bash” About a minute ago Up About a minute backstabbing_mestorf Now I want to […]

Docker: unable to execute the mount command inside an ubuntu 16.10 container [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How do I mount –bind inside a Docker container? 1 answer

Docker mounts empty directories on containers

I’m running Docker Toolbox on Windows 10 Home with no Hyper-v, It is using Virtualbox. Docker launches from Mingew like shell (boot2docker) and can see and use Windows directories. The directory I’m trying to mount is D:\project\src I tried: $ cd /d/project $ docker run -it -v “$PWD”:/proj -w /proj golang root@68ce305398a1:/proj# ls -a . […]

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