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How about the docker run in virtul machine best practice?

How about the docker run in virtul machine best practice? PS: anybody has the docker run in kvm virtul machine on the production? or run in AWS and other cloud platform? for example,I building the mongodb in docker container and deploy it on the production envirment apply to provider data for a PV 100,000,000/day SNS […]

Docker MongoDB can't access from outside VM

I am new to docker and I was following a tutorial to combine microservices (written using Spring boot) and docker: http://www.3pillarglobal.com/insights/building-a-microservice-architecture-with-spring-boot-and-docker-part-iii. My app (server NOT running as a docker container) is able to store data in the mongodb (running as a docker container). When I do requests to my app (rest) using postman I should […]

Accessing the same mongoDB instance from multiple Docker containers

I have two containers (A and B) running Node + MongoDB. A contains restricted endpoints that require a valid token in order to read + write from the database. B will contain public endpoints that have no request requirements and allow anyone to read certain documents from the database. The endpoints exposed in both A […]

Running MongoDB from Docker

I just downloaded Docker and created the MongoDB container on it. I have successfully created the container and it is working on the port on my local machine. I’m confused how should I run mongo on my machine? For example if we create the SQL container we can connect to the port using MySQL […]

docker-machine ssh command for mongodump

Setup for the problem: Create a data volume container $ docker create –name dbdata -v /dbdata mongo /bin/true Start mongo in a container linked to the data volume container $ docker run -d –name mongo –volumes-from dbdata mongo Verify you can connect to mongo using the mongo client $ docker run -it –link mongo:mongo –rm […]

sudo service mongod start : mongod: unrecognized service

I’m testing learning locker which is based on mongoDB it’s all inside a ubuntu14.04 docker https://hub.docker.com/r/hadyrashwan/learninglocker-ubuntu14.04/ . I got it to work but I can’t start mongodb automatically tried the repair command and changing the name in start service command to mongodb or mongo but not working . but running mongod just make it start […]

Can MongoDB instances in Google App Engine flexible be stateful?

Now that I have managed to deploy one of my services (an API written in PHP) to GAE flexible using a custom Dockerfile, I would like to deploy another service that would be a Mongodb database, so that my PHP API can store data in Mongodb. Because I would like to build all of my […]

Does Docker override files?

I have created simple image based on mongo:latest. My Dockerfile is just FROM mongo:3.3 MAINTAINER developer@encode.cz Now when I run it by cmd docker run my-mongo mongod I get no /data/db error. But there is clearly RUN mkdir /data/db in mongo base image. Also pure mongo base image works as expected. Why is this folder […]

Custom MongoDb docker image

I’ve created this Dockerfile in order to create an image: FROM mongo:2.6 MAINTAINER Living Digital Way COPY ./init.ms . RUN mongo < ./init.ms init.ms is like: use fdb; db.col.insert({“name”: “name1″…}); … As you can see I’m trying to add some data to my mongo instance. When I’m building this image I get this message from […]

Creating a mongoose model containing array types return undefined for those in my docker container

I have a mongoose model containing 2 properties Array of String and some others: var Model = new Schema({ _id: {type: Number, required: true, unique: true}, name: {type: String, required: true}, oneList: [String], anotherList: [String] }); I create the model: var model = new Model({ _id: 1, name: ‘model’, oneList: [‘a’, ‘b’], anotherList: [‘c’, ‘d’] […]

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