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MongoDB Docker Windows dev env. linux production env. possible solution?

I have been struggling with this for 3 days. My situation: Windows 10 dev machine Ubuntu Docker production machine I have docker working on everything except this mongodb mess, it is not allowing me to use the standard mongo:latest base image on windows, I can’t use the the windows version as my app uses containers […]

scalable meanjs on digitalocean

I’m trying to learn a deployment process that can guarantee a headackeless scaling of a meanjs application (not in the level that people do it in big companies, but also not at a hobby level). So as long as I understood, this could be a solution to work on: 1. having mongodb on digitalocean on […]

How to fill in a Docker mongodb image

I don’t really understand how I can fill in my mongodb image with a simple script like demoInstall.js. I have my image and I can launch a mongodb instance. But I can not access to the docker image “mongo shell” to fill this one with the script. I tried this command : sudo docker run […]

Syntax issue with adding creating a mongodb and user with roles

I’ve started building my first docker container for a mongodb with auth. I have a python script that fetches credentials from our password safe and makes them available for a bash script which then sets up the admin db and users. I use a RUN command for the python script and that is fine. The […]

Installing mongo client in a Docker container

I am using fig to build and run my app within various Docker containers and so-far, so good. I have a container for my app and a db container with mongo in it. But now I am trying to connect to the mongo server to seed it with a user and database and I can’t […]

Docker how to run mongodb in dockerfile

I have a dockerfile that runs a maven build. I am following this guide: https://hub.docker.com/_/maven/ So far in my dockerfile I have this: FROM maven:3-jdk-8-onbuild It runs the build and fails as expected because the integration tests require that the mongodb server on the localhost is running. My question is, what do I write in […]

How to arrange web application docker containers in production stage

I’m approaching to the Linux Container world by looking at one of maybe the most famous and used containers manager that is Docker. I have quite clear the advantages of using Docker at the development stage. Fast and easy creation of image including any sort of application (database, server, etc…) but I haven’t clear yet […]

MongoDB Authentication failed with mule api connector

I created admin user for all database and then I created a DBOwner for my database. I am able to login with my users locally. But when I am trying with mule API connector. I am getting the error: Couldn’t connect with the given credentials. I am facing one more issue. If I try with […]

How to use docker with mongo to achieve replication and with opening authentication

I want to use docker run a vm mongodb, at the same time, the mongo configure file use my own defined configure file to archive replication and open authentication. Scanning some files but don’t resolve the problem. Any ideas?

Docker logs retrieval from MongoDB

I want to store logs from Docker through Fluentd into MongoDB. The setup is pretty straightforward, but what I’m struggling with is how to retrieve logs from MongoDB in the correct order with support for pagination. The structure of a log document is { _id: ObjectId(…), time: ISODate(…), log: “message” } The logs should be […]

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