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connect to mongodb on dokku, remote

I was trying to follow this information here on how to connect remotely https://github.com/dokku/dokku-mongo/issues/72 I am using robomongo to connect and I have entred the SSH info correctly I have tried to use usernames and password of my VPS also root and admin and my SSH info also info here /var/lib/dokku/services/mongo/mydb always get auth error […]

Calling mongodump wrapped into docker

My setup is as follows: there is a mongodb replica set (v. 2.4.8), which I like to backup via mongodump there is a machine (NAS) outside the replica set, which should perform the the backup task, but does not have the mongodump binary installed. But it has docker support. So there is my idea to […]

Create new MongoDB instance based on existing data

i want to dockerize my production application. I’ve got MongoDB set up on server and I want to remove it, and make a docker container with MongoDB which will work on existing data. I already tested this approach, so i created a docker container which storage is pointed to host storage with existing data. Basically […]

Installed docker and ran a container with mongodb, now brew's mongodb isn't working

I recently installed docker and ran a container with mongodb, now my local brew’s mongodb isn’t working. I am using a mac and originally installed mongodb using homebrew. brew services list now shows the mongodb service as ‘running’ but in yellow (apparently this means unknown), and I cannot connect using mongochef. This began happening after […]

Docker – Karaf image with Mongo Image

I have created the karaf dockerfile from scratch and it works with my application. Now, the postgreSQL and the MongoDB containers need to be running on the same network as the karaf container for the final step. Essentially, what i have so far is three separate dockerfiles. And what i need is for them to […]

Linking Local MongoDB Data to Dockerized MongoDB container

I am new to docker and I’m trying to hookup my dockerized mongodb to my local and former data directory located in /data/db and then I saw here that The host machine volume directory cannot be under /Users (or ~). So, I moved my previous /data/db to /Users/ComputerName/Docker/Mongo/data/db and chown the directory to ComputerName and […]

Docker compose:

For example, here is my project structure: project | +– docker-compose.yml | +– hq-backend | +– Dockerfile | +– .env.docker-compose here is my docker compose file: db: container_name: hq-db image: postgres:latest ports: – “5432:5432” environment: POSTGRES_USER: user_name POSTGRES_PASSWORD: password POSTGRES_DB: db_name mongo: container_name: hq-mongo image: mongo:3.2.9 tty: true stdin_open: true ports: – “27027:27027” volumes: – […]

IBM Bluemix: Not able to mount the MongoDB container “/data/db” on the Bluemix host volume

I am trying to deploy a Mongodb docker container on Bluemix w/ data persistence but always getting the error when the system is trying to mount on the container “/data/db” on the host (Bluemix) volume and the container doesn’t start. For the last 2 days, I have researched and tried multiple options, including one for […]

How do I configure mongo to run in docker to using an external drive on windows

I am trying to setup a docker image that will run a mongo instance which points to a drive location that isn’t within the default docker container. I used the following commands to create the issue: docker run -p 27017:27017 –name mongo_test -v //c/Users/usrname/mongo_test:/data/db -d mongo the container instantly fails, when I run the docker […]

Using mongo with docker and nfs storage

I have a glusterfs that works fine when i create a volume on Cent7 using: docker volume create… and providing the type as nfs, here is the full command I use to create the volume: docker volume create –name sv1_mongovol1 –opt type=nfs –opt device=:/root/gluster/mounts –opt o=addr= The above volume works perfectly if I use an […]

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