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How to set docker mongo data volume

I want to use Dockerizing MongoDB and store data in local volume . But .. failed … It has mongo:latest images kerydeMacBook-Pro:~ hu$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE mongo latest b11eedbc330f 2 weeks ago 317.4 MB ubuntu latest 6cc0fc2a5ee3 3 weeks ago 187.9 MB I want to store the mono data […]

How to customize the docker run command on Elastic Beanstalk?

Here’s the thing, I need to tell Docker to not containerize the container’s networking, because it needs to connect to a MongoDB that is inside a VPN (enterprise private DB). There is a Docker command that let’s me do exactly that: –net=host. Reference here. So, for example, when running the container on my local machine, […]

How do I seed a mongo database using docker-compose?

I am trying to distribute a set of connected applications running in several linked containers that includes a mongo database that is required to: be distributed containing some seed data; allow users to add additional data. Ideally the data will also be persisted in a linked data volume container. I can get the data into […]

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