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Docker Swarm mode – equivalent docker commands to docker run -it ubuntu

I am trying to deploy a mongodb cluster on docker swarm mode, all the mongod daemon are in the same overlay network. I need to configure the mongodb cluster, i am trying to find a command that works like docker run -it ubuntu in docke rswarm mode so i can log in, any ideas? Or […]

Fail to build MongoDB replcaset with Auth on Swarm

I’m trying to create a MongoDB cluster on a docker swarm with authentication. (My process work when auth is disabled) So I have 3 mongo instance (started with option –auth –replicaset REPLICASET_NAME)on the same crypted overlay network. (mongo1, mongo2 and mongo3) On node with mongo1 container I initiate the replicaset and create the db admin […]

Unable to connect a dockerised keystone container with a dockerised mongo container

I am trying to get a dockerised keystoneJS to talk to a dockerised mongoDB instance and I am struggling to see where I am going wrong in terms of linking them together. I have gone through the docker docs and similar examples online that are trying to do what I am trying to do, but […]

Connect to mongo docker with authentication from other docker (node)

I have followed this guide: https://hub.docker.com/_/mongo/ And this commands: docker run –name some-mongo -d mongo –auth docker exec -it some-mongo mongo admin db.createUser({ user: ‘jsmith’, pwd: ‘some-initial-password’, roles: [ { role: “userAdminAnyDatabase”, db: “admin” } ] }); And now the command to connect is said to be docker run -it –rm –link some-mongo:mongo mongo mongo […]

docker php mongodb passing links to mongodb connection

I am trying to connect to mongodb from PHP 7. I have nginx container, php-fpm container and mongodb container. I installed mongodb driver using pecl and it is showing up in phpinfo(), mongodb ver. 1.2.3. Additionally I installed mongodb/mongodb using composer. I linked my containers to mongodb (eg –link mongodb_container:mongodb) Now when i am trying […]

How to export Mongo-database using Docker?

I use “mongoDB” image in docker-container. When I run command for export DB to csv: docker exec -i 418f46e5595d mongoexport –db saveInfo –collection infoobjects –type=csv –fields _id,postLink,postTitle,contactPhone –out ./info.csv File saved in folder where container is working. How can I save it on my machine?

connect to mongodb on dokku, remote

I was trying to follow this information here on how to connect remotely https://github.com/dokku/dokku-mongo/issues/72 I am using robomongo to connect and I have entred the SSH info correctly I have tried to use usernames and password of my VPS also root and admin and my SSH info also info here /var/lib/dokku/services/mongo/mydb always get auth error […]

Calling mongodump wrapped into docker

My setup is as follows: there is a mongodb replica set (v. 2.4.8), which I like to backup via mongodump there is a machine (NAS) outside the replica set, which should perform the the backup task, but does not have the mongodump binary installed. But it has docker support. So there is my idea to […]

Create new MongoDB instance based on existing data

i want to dockerize my production application. I’ve got MongoDB set up on server and I want to remove it, and make a docker container with MongoDB which will work on existing data. I already tested this approach, so i created a docker container which storage is pointed to host storage with existing data. Basically […]

Installed docker and ran a container with mongodb, now brew's mongodb isn't working

I recently installed docker and ran a container with mongodb, now my local brew’s mongodb isn’t working. I am using a mac and originally installed mongodb using homebrew. brew services list now shows the mongodb service as ‘running’ but in yellow (apparently this means unknown), and I cannot connect using mongochef. This began happening after […]

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