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Is it possible to run lxc based containers inside a docker based parent container?

I have an existing lxc based container building framework that I’d like to host inside of a docker based container. I’ve seen references to nesting lxc based containers, but I’ve seen nothing about nesting them with a docker based parent. First problem I run into when I try it is lxbr0 is missing in the […]

Can docker use the existing host system to run a command in isolation like lxc-execute

A lot of the docker examples I have seen involve images of an os, albeit proably a stripped down version. If you have an existing RHEL system with lxc you can just execute a containerized bash. Can docker do something similar or do you always need base images that are unrelated to the host OS.

postfix docker doesn't relay emails

Hi I am trying to create a docker container that relays emails via a smtp server, my Dockerfile is as follows – FROM ubuntu:trusty MAINTAINER dev<dev@localhost.com> ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive RUN apt-get update RUN echo “postfix postfix/main_mailer_type string Internet site” > preseed.txt RUN echo “postfix postfix/mailname string postfix.dev.mail.com” >> preseed.txt RUN debconf-set-selections preseed.txt RUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get […]

LXC implementation with Docker

I am new to Docker although I have used Linux containers in past. Can anyone explain how exactly Docker uses LXC (architecture would be very useful)?

Issues with docker 1.2

I’m trying to use docker version 1.2 and I’m having issues with it. When I restart the service it says running but when I run docker images (even with sudo) it gives me this error. Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is ‘docker -d’ running on this host? I have added this export to my […]

Cannont create lxc container with ubuntu template using lxc 1.0.0.alpha 1 on Ubuntu 13.04 Raring version

I am unable to create a Ubuntu container using lxc 1.0.0.apha1 version on Ubuntu 13.04 raring. Is there anything obvious that I am missing here root@ubuntu:~# lxc-ls –fancy NAME STATE IPV4 IPV6 AUTOSTART ———————————- root@ubuntu:~# lxc-version lxc version: 1.0.0.alpha1 root@ubuntu:~# lxc-create -t ubuntu -n u_1 getopt: unrecognized option ‘–rootfs=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc’ lxc-create: container creation template for u_1 […]

has the linux kernel support sctp protocol in container of LXC/docker yet?

I’m using docker to set up an application in container which will use sctp for communication. The network connection is fine, i can ping each other, but I run the sctp-test from lksctp_tools and met problem below: [root@a2c771287273]#sctp_test -H 0 -P 250 -l local:addr=, port=250, family=2 seed = 1417166664 Starting tests… socket(SOCK_SEQPACKET, IPPROTO_SCTP) *** socket: […]

What would be pros and cons of using Docker Vs Vanilla LXC?

I have mostly been an LXC guy running Vanilla LXC with BTRFS,and was wondering what would be the advantages & disadvantages of replacing this with Docker (I know Docker has features like Versioning,Sharing containers e.t.c) ? Is it a matter of ease of deployment of apps Vs Performance ? How does BTRFS compare with Dockers […]

Is it possible to assign a static public ip to a Docker Container?

I have been trying to assign one of my five public ip’s to my docker container. It seems like this should be possible because of the nature of docker and its uses. I found this website that I think explains what I want to do but it no longer works since Docker went away from […]

Do I need to create a new lxc(docker)-container for each task I want to sandbox?

I need to develop backend for programming competition. Users submit their codes to the server and we want to run codes in the sandbox, so they won’t be able to affect neither the server nor each other. The question has two parts: 1. Is that correct, that each time I want to score user’s solution […]

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