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Logstash Removed from cluster after joining with elasticsearch in docker

I am using docker to host my logstash and elasticsearch. Logstash joins the cluster and then it disconnect after 2 sec’s. Below is the exception i am getting. [2015-08-31 23:30:40,880][INFO ][cluster.service ] [Ms. MODOK] removed {[logstash-da1b6e0a073b-1-11622][G_hYr0mcTZ6G-IOia1g5Cg][da1b6e0a073b][inet[/]]{data=false, client=true},}, reason: zen-disco-node_failed([logstash-da1b6e0a073b-1-11622][G_hYr0mcTZ6G-IOia1g5Cg][da1b6e0a073b][inet[/]]{data=false, client=true}), reason transport disconnected My logstash configuration file. input { stdin { } } output { […]

Issues in elasticsearch server running in docker

I am new to Docker. I have developed a webapp that needs elasticsearch server up and running, and the server itself listens for any user request. IN our workflow, we would like to see elasticsearch up and running, then logstash to be able to publish data (by reading the data we have with the help […]

marking origin of logs in logstash

I send logs from my Docker containers to Logstash via netcat to tcp port. Their format is mostly similar, so pattern-matching is not very well suitable. Is there a way to send those logs with a tag, being a name of docker container they originate from?

ELK for spring boot application using docker – performance issues

We are using ELK for logging in our spring application using docker setup. I have configured log stash to read the log file from a given path(where the application generates the logs) and pass it to elastic search. The initial setup works fine and all the logs are passed to kibana instantly. However, as the […]

Docker Containers and IO Operations & Network

I am using docker with Elasticsearch. Docker is holding inside an instance of Elasticsearch. I am basically not feeling very confortable with this situation. Sometimes I see that different images don’t see each other in the Network – for some reason, they just don’t see each other. For instance: Logstash from one container cannot index […]

Docker container cannot send log to docker ELK stack

I deployed ELK stack and another separated docker container of spring boot app. In the java app, I use the LogstashSocketAppender to send logs to logstash. If the java app running standalone without docker, it works fine. But when it’s running as a docker container, the logstash cannot receive logs. Can anyone help me figure […]

Syslog from nginx Docker container to logstash

my goal is to start a normal docker container with an standard nginx Server. This is my command line input in the docker quickstart terminal: docker run –log-driver=syslog –log-opt tag=”nginx” –log-opt syslog-address =udp://[IP]:1514 nginx The docker container starts and works but the output of the the docker container is just: running logs job: configured logging […]

How to collect docker logs to a particular docker container in compose?

I’m using docker-compose and would like to use the ‘gelf’ logging driver to send individual container logging to a logstash container defined in the same compose. Using one of the ‘logical’ hostnames in ‘gelf-address’ gives me a not defined error and the (non-optimal) solution using ‘ipv4_address’ don’t seem to work either. I know that this […]

Application logging .net core & docker

I’m attempting to put together a set of services written in .net-core and running in docker. I’m POCing each aspect that is deemed critical fora potential production system. Currently i’m looking at logging, and came across this article: Automating Docker Logging: ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Logspout. This works fine and monitors system and container activity […]

Logstash Configuration file in Docker ELK Compose file

Can I put logstash configurations in Docker ELK compose file instead of using inside Docker ELK logstash configuration files. root@847847f14311:/etc/logstash/conf.d# ls 02-beats-input.conf 10-syslog.conf 30-output.conf I would like to know the logstash configurations file can be store in Local host machine? Is possible to add those “02-beats-input.conf,10-syslog.conf ,30-output.conf” configs in docker compose file, so that when […]

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