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(spotify:1): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: unix

I try to run the spotify docker container. I have docker 1.11.2 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 VM. I’m on MAC and I’m using SSH to connect with my VM. It’s working fine but when I try to run the docker container I get an error: ubuntu@ubuntu-virtual-machine:~$ docker run -it -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -e DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY -v /dev/snd:/dev/snd […]

Creating a docker Base Image

I have a private Linux distribution (based on redhat7). I have an ISO file which holds the installation of that distribution, which can be used to install the OS on a clear system only. I have some programs I would like to run as images on docker, each program on a different image. Each program […]

adding firefox image to the subuser

I followed all the steps to create subuser given on subuser.org I am not able to create firefox image and not able to restrict the access to the Downloads folder as given in the video and documentation Please provide me with the solution. i need it for my project

rawmemchr: symbol not found in nodegit with docker

When I run the server in the Docker container, everything works fine until I include the line nodegit = require ‘nodegit’. If NodeGit is required, on docker-compose up I get the following error: Error: Error relocating /usr/myContainer/node_modules/nodegit/build/Release/nodegit.node: __rawmemchr: symbol not found I tried NodeGit v.0.12.1 (the latest version) and v.0.11.0. Without Docker, NodeGit works fine […]

docker -P not exposing ports of application started as argument

I’d like to start a container with an argument to start a server inside the container. The problem is the -P switch is not exposing the ports of this server to my host. docker run -it -e “JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.8.0_45” -e “CARBON_HOME=/opt/IOT/wso2iots-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT” -P ubuntupreped:2.0 /bin/sh /opt/IOT/wso2iots-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/bin/wso2server.sh When I build a image exposing the env variables and a […]

Docker deamon seams to start, but isn't listet in running processes

I’m trying to run docker (on a linux vm) using this instruction. The whole installation process worked fine until subpoint 4/5 of Installation. When running sudo service docker start I get a message like docker start/running, process 3072 but running sudo docker run hello-world gives. vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:~$ sudo docker run hello-world docker: Cannot connect to the […]

How to support input Chinese (UTF-8) in boot2docker(tiny core) /bin/sh (shell)

How to support input Chinese (UTF-8) in boot2docker(tiny core) /bin/sh (shell) For support Chinese (UTF-8), I try: su – docker -c “tce-load -wi getlocale coreutils ” sudo getlocale.sh ==> select en_US.UTF-8 ==> enter ==> this will generate mylocale.tce file su – docker -c “tce-load -i mylocale coreutils” Then relogin will Chinese filename is supported now […]

Linux – Docker MySQL Image – CREATE MYSQL_USER

I am new to docker containers, and I am working on automating some MySQL tasks. By using bash scripts I am able to automate the creation and dump of Databases but now i am trying to create the new user getting input from the command line and it is not working. this is my script: […]

Kubernetes can't start due to too many open files in system

I am trying create a bunch of pods, services and deployment using Kubernetes, but keep hitting the following errors when I run the kubectl describe command. for “POD” with RunContainerError: “runContainer: API error (500): Cannot start container bbdb58770a848733bf7130b1b230d809fcec3062b2b16748c5e4a8b12cc0533a: [8] System error: too many open files in system\n” I have already terminated all pods and try […]

Linux Docker and the underlying caching, nscd, hosts

if i place httpd in a docker container, should also start the nscd inside the container and configure the /etc/hosts, etc. or should i leave it to the underlying OS to do the caching and name resolve ? whats the best practice here ? Thanks !!

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