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When and when not to use tty in Docker Remote API

Main Concerns I use curl to run my requests. Running the requests with postman seems to not show much difference between TTY enabled or disabled. Stderr shows with TTY enabled, but not with TTY disabled. AttachStderr is set to true for both (using curl). Stdout is ‘incomplete’ with TTY enabled (using curl). ========================================= I am […]

Install packages from the Debian Snapshot Archives repo?

The Debian Snapshot Archive describes being able to add the snapshot repositories into /etc/apt/sources.list so that one can install debian binaries using apt-get directly from the archive. This sounds straight-forward. However, when I configure a vanilla Debian machine as described with sources.list pointing to the snapshot versions of the repos, apt-get install refuses to install […]

Docker oracle database fails when starting after commiting

guys. I am just running into problems; I am setting up a Docker environment, with an Oracle DataBase. I am running the oracledb 12c in this way: docker run -d -p 1521:1521 –name my-db sath89/oracle-12c All goes well so far, if I docker logs the new container goes amazing, any errors. Then, I just exported […]

how to listen docker events and run command when new event emit?

I know docker events command can listen docker events, but how to watch docker events ‘s output and run command when have new output?

Can Linux Container run on a virtual machine? [closed]

As far as I know, Linux container is different from virtual machine. It’s lightweight virtualization technology. So I’m wondering if it can be run on a virtual machine which provisioned by hypervisor like xen, kvm or vmware? I was trying setup a Linux container(docker + LXC userspace tool) on a virtual machine based on zex. […]

Logging new connections in a docker container

How to log new connections inside a docker container? In a normal VM or physical machines, we can make use of iptables logging, but in a docker container, the kernel logs cant be seen. So commands like these wont work: `iptables -A OUTPUT -m state –state NEW -j LOG –log-prefix ‘ OUTBOUND: ‘ –log-level 1` […]

Docker: –ipc=host and security

So in order to get MIT-SHM working between application running inside docker container and x11 running on the host, I have to pass –ipc host during starting the container. I’ve read the documentation about what it’s supposed to do. Assuming the application is NOT running as root (inside the container), what possible attack vectors does […]

Not able to mount dockerized NFS server : requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported

My docker engine is running on Ubuntu 16. I tried to setup NFS server based on : Using https://github.com/ErezHorev/dockerized_nfs_server/blob/master/docker/Dockerfile NFS server is running now . container IP is But I am not able to mount in same container or from other container . Error : root@71d5a4bc32bc:/# mount -v -t nfs -o proto=tcp,port=2049 /mnt […]

Run RabbitMQ server in Docker

I’m getting an EOFException when connecting to the vanilla RabbitMQ Docker container. The log directory is empty /var/log/rabbitmq contains no files. The web console works without problems. It’s just connecting to it that doesn’t work. Since this is the vanilla container from the Docker Hub, I presume it’s me omitting something basic. But what ? […]

Cannot shutdown high load docker mysql

I have a script that launch a docker every 3 secondes until there is 20 docker up. After that, when one is finished, a other docker will be launch. In the docker, I launch a bash script that will start apache2, mysql and a node script. After a while, the node script end, and the […]

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