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After downloading image from “Docker Hub”, where should I put my configuration file? In data volume?

I am using Docker for the first time. I downloaded a Nginx image from “Docker Hub”, I don’t know where I should put my configuration file. Put in data volume? I read the documentation,but I am confused.

How to SSH into running docker container from jenkins execute shell

I am running a docker container (dind) from jenkins execute shell CONTAINER_ID=”$(sudo docker run –privileged -i -d jpetazzo/dind)” To execute docker commands inside container I get into container shell sudo docker exec -it –privileged ${CONTAINER_ID} bash and than I am trying to execute these commands inside dind container. sudo docker pull hubuser/hello-world sudo docker run […]

How to add Vxlan Tag to isolation different group of Docker Containers

First, I am aware of creating a VXLAN interface with tag based on ip command: ip link add vxlan-br0 type vxlan id <tag-id> group <multicast-ip> local <host-ip> dstport 0 But it is useless for my actual demand, and my demand is to isolate multiple docker containers using different tags, something like: brctl addif br1 veth111111 […]

Docker containers can not start based on Dockerfile

My Dockerfile FROM javamachine_0.1.2 MAINTAINER Meiram RUN /report/report.sh start COPY resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf CMD update-locale LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8 EXPOSE 7007 After I building the image docker build -t javamachine_0.1.3 . docker run –net mynet –ip –dns -td javamachine_0.1.3 But container can not to start. docker start container_id is not working. The status of container same (exited)

Cancelling ulimit bounds

I am writing isolated sandbox for untrusted code so I am looking for safe way to isolate code execution. Also I need a way to collect code stats (memory usage, cpu usage, etc.) I have tried Docker but Stats API can stream only with a second period and some code (especially written in C or […]

Docker containers performance difference between OSX and Linux

I recently switched from OSX (el capitan) to Ubuntu (16.04) and I’m working on a Python project which makes use of docker containers for integration tests with different databases (I have containers for mysql, postgres and so on). What shocked me is that I noticed that my test suite runs about 4 times slower than […]

How to add users to docker container running on a vm

I’m running an application inside a container in docker. I would like for my collaborators to be able to log into this vm and administrate the container. I do a useradd in the vm but when they login and run docker ps they don’t see the container, they see: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. […]

Percona 5.6 Docker Image cannot load my /etc/mysql/conf.d/*.cnf

I am struggling on this issue for at least 14 hours so far :(. I am configuring a build server with docker, jenkins, java, scala on top of CentOS 7. While working with liquibase and jooq:codegen, I need to have proper MySQL(Percona:5.6) containers setup, but unfortunately, it seems that Official Percona Image (Percona:5.6) does not […]

blktrace output error in docker container

my docker container base image is ubuntu, and I ran it with full privilege options that means in run command I use these switches: –cap-add=SYS_ADMIN –security-opt apparmor:unconfined I wanna use blktrce using below command: sudo blktrace -d / -a issue -o – | blkparse -f “%p %T.%9t %D %S ^C %d\n” -i – >stream.out but, […]

Connect to a VNC inside a docker which is on remote server

I have an Amazon Linux AMI server on AWS EC2, i have deployed “selenium docker” on it “https://github.com/elgalu/docker-selenium”, the docker have a VNC running inside it. Now how i could access this VNC? I did some google search but did not found anything, also i tried to connect to the server ip and give the […]

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