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what is “COPY . /src”for when building a image

I’m new to docker,I’m reading the docker’s documentation. there is a simple example in it https://docs.docker.com/examples/nodejs_web_app/ https://github.com/enokd/docker-node-hello/ I’m confused about this”COPY . /src”in the Dockerfile. In this example, “.” represent the directory where the Dockerfile is in(the current dir,in my computer,it is /home/pete),So why do I have to copy all the files in /home/pete to […]

Can't access app deployed with docker and google cloud

I currently have a Linux Debian VM set up through Google Cloud Platform. I have docker installed and would like to start running application containers within it. I’m following the documentation under Docker’s website Found Here under “Running a web application in Docker” I download the image and run it with no issue. I then […]

Fail to start linux container after upgrading to docker 1.5

I used to use docker 1.3 and it worked well. There’re some problems after upgrading to docker 1.5. Is there something about my lxc? And I have tried apt-get purge lxc and apt-get install lxc to re-install it. ➜ ~ sudo docker version Client version: 1.5.0 Client API version: 1.17 Go version (client): go1.4.1 Git […]

Docker for a one shot CLI application

Since I first knew of Docker, I thought it might be the solution for several problems we are usually facing at the lab. I work as a Data Analyst for a small Biology research group. I am using Snakemake for defining the -usually big and quite complex- workflows for our analyses. From Snakemake, I usually […]

How can I run multiple statements using json array format for Docker ENTRYPOINT?

I need to set ulimit and sysctl before starting my service, so I have been doing the following in my ENTRYPOINT: ulimit -n 4096; sysctl -p; start_service But it seems that if I want to use CMD as default arguments to ENTRYPOINT, I have to use the json array format. But I don’t know how […]

dockerfile – Unable to connect error

So here’s what i have to do: i need to set up some containers automatically using docker. One of them is liek this: Debian Squeeze with limited CPU shares and limited memory (1 cpu share and 512 mb memory),preinstalled apache2,build-essential,php5,mysql-server-5.5,openssh-server and with some ports opened (8000 for Apache and 1500 for MySQL). So i created […]

Bash script behaves differently from Docker run command instead of inside container itself?

I am running the Docker 1.0.1 client on Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS. I have a container that runs a Java application in server mode. There is a Bash script in the container that launches the server. If I execute the bash script from inside the container’s the Java application runs fine. If I append the bash […]

Docker container not showing volume mounted – Access issue

root@centdev01$ grep -e CMD -e RUN Dockerfile RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get -y install ruby ruby-dev build-essential redis-tools RUN gem install –no-rdoc –no-ri sinatra json redis RUN mkdir -p /opt/webapp RUN chmod 777 /opt/webapp CMD [“/opt/webapp/bin/webapp”] root@centdev01$ docker build -t “alok87/sinatra” . root@centdev01$ docker run -d -p 80 –name ubunsin10 -v $PWD/webapp:/opt/webapp alok87/sinatra 25ekgjalgjal25rkg root@centdev01$ […]

Thousands of cAdvisor Docker containers created until disk runs out of space

Google Compute Engine container-optimized VM image has a built-in cAdvisor container that gets started automatically. In the last three days, an infinite loop started to create ~15000 containers of the cAdvisor image until the disk ran out of space. The versions are: Linux docker-04 3.16-0.bpo.2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.3-2~bpo70+1 (2014-09-21) x86_64 Docker version 1.2.0, build […]

Does Docker purge old/unused images?

Many organizations are using Docker specifically for the advantage of being able to seamlessly roll back deployed software. For instance, given an image called newapi, deployment looks like this: # fetch latest docker pull newapi:latest # stop old one and terminate it docker stop -t 10 newapi-container docker rm -f newapi-container # start new one […]

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