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Docker stops working inside Vagrant When I Update Guest Additions

I am using Vagrant 1.5.1 with Puppet. Puppet provisions the box by installing dependencies, including docker. As part of that provisioning process, docker is started with two containers – elasticsearch and redis. When I run “vagrant up” it works fine. When I stop and start the VM then things break. Firstly it tells me that […]

Docker – few containers

Who could explain how create and connect one to other docker containers. I need info how connect one container with Nginx to second container with PostgreSQL. How make this relation? First container with Nginx should get info from second container with Postgre. I know how create container, how start service but i don’t know how […]

Docker container network failed Occasionally

I used docker container that using logstash. But, Sometimes container network failed. => ping google.co.kr cannot resolve google.co.kr : Unknown host. This symptom occurs in a week interval, while it works. container linux version Linux 81ed1c4b8bc9 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Nov 22 03:15:09 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux docker i/o version Docker version 1.3.2, […]

tunnel ssh from another pc to docker

i am trying to create a ssh tunnel for executing conky in my contenair. pc –> server –> contenair(docker) i can create a tunnel from my pc to the server and from the server to contenair but i don’t know why i can’t execute this command from my pc to create a tunnel all the […]

Change docker log messages location

I met a problem with docker logging and after reading a lot of sources didn’t find solution: is there a way to discard messages of docker daemon in /var/log/messages and select another location?

how to use –since option with docker logs command

I want to look at last 1 hour of docker container log using docker logs –since option.. But I don’t know what value to provide for –since parameter. can someone help me.

Centos cgconfig fails to start

I need docker installed on one of my servers, and whenever I try to start the docker service, it fails because of cgconfig. Cgconfig throws the following error: Starting cgconfig service: Error: cannot mount cpu to /cgroup/cpu: No such file or directory /sbin/cgconfigparser; error loading /etc/cgconfig.conf: Cgroup mounting failed Failed to parse /etc/cgconfig.conf or /etc/cgconfig.d […]

How to persist changes to boot2docker in docker-machine?

I am using docker-machine which I use to manage VM running boot2docker with virtualbox as driver. I need to mount directory to this VM. I was able to do that by adding the folder to shared folders list in settings of VM in Virtualbox Manager. Then using sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=50 <name of […]

How to let two docker containers can ping each other

I have two docker containers A & B, I want to do is in both containers can ping the other container. How should I do? And in one container, what’s ip address should I use to ping the other container? My OS is ubuntu:14.04, docker version is 1.6.2

What is POSTGIS_VERSION 2.1.7+dfsg-3~94.git954a8d0.pgdg80+1?

I can understand 2.1.7 but what is +dfsg-3~94.git954a8d0.pgdg80+1 coming after that ? I am now build postgis docker container from appropriate/docker-postgis and am getting error E: Version ‘2.1.7+dfsg-3~94.git954a8d0.pgdg80+1’ for ‘postgresql-9.3-postgis-2.1’ was not found E: Version ‘2.1.7+dfsg-3~94.git954a8d0.pgdg80+1’ for ‘postgis’ was not found seems to be a problem of package management? How could I find fix this? […]

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