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rename enviromental variables from linking dockers

When i create a link in docker environment variables in docker are automatically set but the names are not as i want them to be. ex: a link called applink will result in APPLINK_NAME=/app2/applink APPLINK_PORT_80_TCP_ADDR= APPLINK_PORT_80_TCP=tcp:// APPLINK_PORT_80_TCP_PROTO=tcp APPLINK_PORT=tcp:// as environment variables i don’t mind the naming schema but i do mind that the addr is […]

bash: child setpgid (5870 to 5870): No such process on docker

root@arch:/ 19:27:32 # docker run -t -i ubuntu /bin/bash root@74b77bf42943:/# ls bash: child setpgid (5870 to 5870): No such process bin dev home lib64 mnt proc run srv tmp var boot etc lib media opt root sbin sys usr root@74b77bf42943:/# uname -a bash: child setpgid (5935 to 5935): No such process Linux 74b77bf42943 3.15.3-1-ck #1 […]

How to find css/js files on a server for specified application that uses docker

I am using: https://github.com/MLstate/PEPS for mail by installing it on our ubuntu server. It uses Docker containers, I tried to figure out how to access application files like css/js in those containers, but have not been successful. Furthest I got was going to /var/lib/docker/containers/CONTAINERID but once I view contents of the containers they are all […]

Docker – how to mount folder inside running container as volume to other running container? [closed]

As the question says, is it possible, once a container is already running, to create a mount inside it as a volume or otherwise, and to make that available to another container instance?

Why don't docker use the host OS for all purposes

I have been reading up on docker, and I have understood that unlike VMs, docker uses the host OS’s kernel. Why is there a requirement that the base image has to be an OS. Why can’t docker use resources from the host OS (eg: filesystem) and use the isolation supported by the host OS ? […]

how to run a daemon process in docker container with API/v1.5?

I’m tring to run a daemon process in the docker container with API/1.5,and here is my POST request, and the containter is created successed while the command seemed run failed,what’s the problem here?pls give me some advance,thanks. { “Hostname”:””, “User”:””, “Memory”:10000000, “MemorySwap”:0, “AttachStdin”:true, “AttachStdout”:true, “AttachStderr”:true, “PortSpecs”: [“8080:8080”], “Privileged”: true, “Tty”:true, “OpenStdin”:true, “StdinOnce”:false, “Env”:null, “Cmd”:[ “nc”, […]

Kindle in a docker-container

I am trying to run “Kindle for PC” in a docker-container with wine (don’t ask me why I need this, but I do). What I did was starting from a debian/jessie image, installing wine, wine32 and ca-certificates (needed as without it Kindle cannot connect) and then installed a kindle 1.16. The installation works and I […]

How to consist the containers in Docker?

Now I am developing the new content so building the server. On my server, the base system is the Cent OS(7), I installed the Docker, pulled the cent os, and establish the “WEB SERVER container” Django with uwsgi and nginx. However I want to up the service, (Database with postgres), what is the best way […]

“tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified ” error on docker [on hold]

I’ve tried to open a bash shell in my container. docker exec -ti 81cd2e49e… /bin/bash it’s successful. But after I ran every command,I got error. Example; [root@hadoop:~]# ls notebooks supervisord.log supervisord.pid zookeeper.out tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified tput: No value for $TERM […]

Docker Volumes mounting issue

I am trying to dynamically mount a volume from the container to the host and it works but there is a hitch. I am using the following command: docker run -it –name Test1 -v $HOME/.myapp_configs/specificConfig.txt:/bin/specificConfig.txt:rw docker-image /bin/bash The issue lies in that if the mount point on the host does not exist the docker command […]

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