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error installing Tensorflow via docker

I have tried to run this docker run -it tensorflow/tensorflow:1.1.0 bash but I got this error. Why I get this error(it says: Unable to find image ‘tensorflow/tensorflow:1.1.0’ locally) and starts downloading and then it stops dowloading and says timeout? could you pls help me? Unable to find image ‘tensorflow/tensorflow:1.1.0’ locally 1.1.0: Pulling from tensorflow/tensorflow c62795f78da9: […]

Dropping priviliges inside of the container

One of my images requires mounting of devices. Thus, it needs cap_sys_admin when starting. However, I’d like to drop this capability once it is no longer needed. Is there some way of dropping the capability at a later stage?

Connect to Docker API from Windows to external server

I am working on Windows and on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) I installed Ubuntu server with a Docker. Now I am struggling to define Docker on PhpStorm. It requires connecting to Docker socket which is not working for me. From Windows, I can ping Ubuntu server with Could you give me some advice how […]

Utilizing the –user param to create a user with a Dockerfile container

I have a docker container getting passed randomly generated –user id. What I’m trying to do is create a user with that id in the docker file. Like so RUN adduser –disabled-password –uid ${IDHERE} –gid 0 –gecos container container Is this possible in docker? I just need to get the id that is passed to […]

How to change owner of Docker for Windows

Environment Windows 10 [10.0.15063] Docker for Windows Community Edition 17.03.1-ce-win12(12058) stable The host is mounted and partitioned into NTFS format Command host docker run -d –volume E:/tmp:/tmp/test –name debian debian:8 docker exec -it debian /bin/bash container cd /tmp/test mkdir abc ls -l # This line will be shown that root is the owner of abc […]

Docker run – User group not working as expected?

I have a script that communicates over serial port (/dev/ttyUSB0). I want to run it from within a Docker image. However I don’t seem to have permissions to do it from within the image. I follow these steps: On my host, if I run ln -l /dev/ttyUSB0 I get: crw-rw—- 1 root dialout 188, 0 […]

Extra package installation in boot2docker

I am running a virtual machine using boot2docker. I have to install extra packages (e.g Python library). I read I should use the command tce-load command for the installation, but when I enter this command I get already the error: tce-load: command not found. Any idea about how this can be fixed? Thank you very […]

Can I run JetBrains dotCover in a Linux Docker container?

I’m building and running a .NET Core application inside a Linux-based Docker container. I’m having trouble figuring out if dotCover is cross-platform? I want to either… Install and run dotCover inside the Docker container (that is $ dotcover analyse …). Or run some compatible instrumentation during the test step inside the Docker container and send […]

Is there are a difference in the way Docker and Rocket (rkt) containers access Linux kernel?

I read, that Docker uses libcontainers and rkt uses systemd-spawn to access Linux kernel. Although some web-sites are saying Docker can use systemd-spawn as well, so I am confused. What is the difference between it and how to know, what is the relevant way they do so?

Does runit reap orphan processes?

I am writing a small Docker container based on Phusion baseimage which provides runit out of the box. I put Cassandra and Opscenter agent in my container. Both are started as service under /etc/service (as in the doc). This blog post mentions that my_init would collect zombie processes, but is vague about what it does […]

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