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ELF Header or installation issue with bcrypt in Docker container

Kind of a longshot, but has anyone had any problems using bcrypt in a linux container (specifically docker) and know of an automated workaround? I have the same issue as these two: Invalid ELF header with node bcrypt on AWSBox bcrypt invalid elf header when running node app My Dockerfile # Pull base image FROM […]

Ubuntu based docker-machine image

Is there a possibility to simply create a docker-machine that is non-boot2docker based (i.e., Ubuntu based) (which uses virtualbox driver)? I would like to have full-featured Linux distro running the docker daemon on my mac instead of Tiny Core Linux distro which is fast and lightweight but doesn’t offer me all the debugging facilities I […]

standard_init_linux.go:178: exec user process caused “exec format error”

docker started throwing this error: standard_init_linux.go:178: exec user process caused “exec format error” whenever I run a specific docker container with CMD or ENTRYPOINT, with no regard to any changes to the file other then removing CMD or ENTRYPOINT. here is the docker file I have been working with which worked perfectly until about an […]

'su' command in Docker returns 'must be run from terminal'

I’m developing a docker environment for teaching purposes and need to be able to switch users inside docker. I set up the ‘user’ user with a password but when I try to switch to it with su, I get “su must be run from terminal”. I get this if I try to ssh into the […]

100 docker containers vs 100 small machines

so we have an application which is not thread-safe. Some of the library it is using is doing a lock on file-system level. Unfortunately, it’s not working correctly and will crash and throw an error if there are some concurrent usage of the library. We also can’t switch this library away. To achieve concurrency, which […]

docker run a shell script in the background without exiting the container

I am trying to run a shell script in my docker container. The problem is that the shell script spawns another process and it should continue to run unless another shutdown script is used to terminate the processes that are spawned by the startup script. When I run the below command, docker run image:tag /bin/sh […]

Tips on getting docker to work without having to run `sudo docker -d` on Ubuntu 15.04

After upgrading my system from 14.10 to 15.04 I can’t seem to use docker like I used to. I already have a docker group that my user is part of and I used to be able to use docker without sudo just fine. Now I can’t use it unless I have sudo docker -d running […]

How to set volume for dokku-persistent-storage

I am trying to use dokku-persistent-storage so my uploads for my rails app stay on the server, but I don’t quite understand how to build the path since I am new to Dokku and Docker. (I am running this on an Ubuntu droplet on Digital Ocean) I’m not sure if it should be something like […]

Docker in Docker cannot mount volume

I am running a Jenkins cluster where in the Master and Slave, both are running as a Docker containers. The Host is latest boot2docker VM running on MacOS. To allow Jenkins to be able to perform deployment using Docker, I have mounted the docker.sock and docker client from the host to the Jenkins container like […]

Get Docker Container Names

This command gives me a list of running container IDs: docker ps -q Is there a command to get the list of names of the containers?

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