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How to export my local docker image to a tar and the load on another computer

I have a local image on my windowns PC $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS 52f36432c9a7 visionai/clouddream:latest “/bin/bash” Less than a second ago Up 3 minutes Now I want to export it to a tar, so save in my flash disk and then load into my mac. i try these but […]

docker build fails to use Dockerfile in **sticky** directory?

Running docker 1.12.1; on RH 7.2 64 bit. docker in general works fine; my commands to run containers; or to import archives … all fine. But when I try this here: /data $ docker build -t foo/bar:1 . I get: unable to prepare context: unable to evaluate symlinks in Dockerfile path: lstat /data/Dockerfile: no such […]

How to show all users in dockers group?

How can I find out which users are in the docker group and allowed to start docker containers? (Docker 1.12.1)

“Permission denied” in Docker container unless –privileged=true

I’m trying to run an nginx container as a service and share 2 volumes between the host machine and container, so that files in one directory are automatically shared with the other paired directory. My docker-compose.yml is the following: version: ‘2’ services: nginx: image: nginx build: . ports: – “5000:80” volumes: – /home/user1/share:/share/user1 – /home/user2/share:/share/user2 […]

Custom fonts in rrdgraph in a Docker container running Alpine Linux

I’m unable to use other fonts than the standard one in rrdgraph. It may have to do with the fact, that this Alpine has no GUI (all the X-stuff), I don’t know. I found this issue https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/1475 dealing with missing fonts, but installing those packages doesn’t help. This is my Dockerfile FROM alpine:3.3 RUN apk […]

Changing /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern file inside docker container

How can i change /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern file inside the docker container with out privileged mode? Are there any flags to be passed to docker daemon or docker run or anything related to Dockerfile?

Docker and Kubernetes repository for linux

I have been trying to do a Docker and Kubernetes setup on Linux on aws but I am unable to do the same. yum install -y docker docker-registry etcd kubernetes flannel Loaded plugins: amazon-id, rhui-lb, search-disabled-repos No package docker available. No package docker-registry available. No package kubernetes available. No package flannel available. Can anyone suggest […]

I couldn't run container which one I created from live OS

I created a tar file of live centOS with: tar –numeric-owner \ –exclude=/proc \ –exclude=/sys \ –exclude=/mnt \ –exclude=/var/cache \ –exclude=/usr/share/doc \ –exclude=/tmp \ –exclude=/var/log \ -zcvf /mnt/rhel7-base.tar.gz / and then run cat rhel7-base.tar.gz | docker import – rhel7/01 to load it into docker. It finished without an error and I can find it with […]

Docker Busybox container add groups and user

I need users in my docker containers. My build is from the busybox image which is missing groupadd, I tried to add it using apt-get but that’s also missing. What do I need to add to my Dockerfile to get groupadd? So far I have FROM busybox RUN apt-get install bash RUN groupadd -r postgres […]

Is there a way to make a bootable Linux live USB disk from a Linux docker container?

I have a Linux docker container. I can kind of ssh into it, running it like a little Linux system. Can I put this on a USB disk somehow, along with a bootloader of some sort, and boot up directly to the docker container? (While keeping it as a docker container, that is.)

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