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Docker not showing default page

I am using Docker, freshly installed on my Ubuntu. I tried to run the hello-world container and worked fine. I am trying to use a tomcat server on running : sudo docker run -it –rm -p 8888:8080 tomcat:8.0 But I can’t see any webpage on my localhost. Otherwise, I see it works when I launch […]

File not found in docker volume

I’m using docker compose to create and run several services. One of the services is a nodeJS project in which I added a Makefile to run some custom build tasks. That’s how I define the service in docker-compose.yml file web: container_name: web image: myApp/web build: context: . dockerfile: operations/.docker/web/${APP_ENV}.dockerfile ports: – “8080” volumes: – ./src/js/web:/var/www/myApp/ […]

Chronos scheduler, deploy on every nodes

I want to deploy a Docker container using chronos, is there a way using CONSTRAINTS to tell him to deploy on every node ?

I can not remove a directory in a docker container

i have a container generated from an image, and that image was generated by another container The container that the image was based there two directories, one of these directories i created with mkdir, the other directory was created through the git clone. But when I generate a new container from that image, I can […]

Is there a performance impact to having docker containers with different OS base boxes?

When building a docker container, we choose a container to inherit from, which is often a Linux OS (like ubuntu, debian or boot2docker). Does it have a performance impact whether multiple containers running on the same host share the same parent OS box? [A great answer would explain why the answer is the case, whether […]

Run Clean-up Logic on Docker Container's Shutdown/Killing?

Given: Host machine Docker container running web service I’d like to implement “clean-up” logic upon the shutdown of the web service. It seems to me that there’s 2 ways to do this: 1. [On Dockerfile’s ENTRYPOINT] Use trap per the docs trap “echo TRAPed signal” HUP INT QUIT KILL TERM /usr/sbin/apachectl start 2. [On Host] […]

ssh from docker container to internet, got stuck and no errors produced

I tried to ssh from docker container to internet, it just stuck without exit and error. So, i run debug session on ssh server with “/usr/sbin/sshd -d -D -p 222” this is log from ssh server debug1: Bind to port 222 on Server listening on port 222. debug1: Bind to port 222 on […]

Asp.NET on Linux using Mono

I would like to create a ASP.Net Application and use my existing .NET 4.5 Assemblies. Later i consider moving to .NET Core but not all of my dependencies released a Version for .NET Core yet. The goal is to have a ASP.Net App running on linux inside a docker container. What is the best way […]

Create Docker Containers and then copy Ansible playbook to them

We had a system where we used ansible to create Virtual Box vm’s on Windows 7. We now have new linux laptops and I have both docker and ansible installed. I am led to believe that I need to create 4 containers: 1 container with centos 6.8 which is strictly running our database. 1 container […]

'sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified' error?

I have installed a lemp docker container w/ Ubuntu 16.04, Nginx, Mariadb, & PHP 7.0, and have set up postfix and basic ssh capabilities that all work fine. I have created a non-root user with sudo privileges (in the sudo group), but when I try to use sudo I get the error sudo: no tty […]

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