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Managing mysql users in a Docker environment

My goal is to create the following: one nginx container as a single entry point which will load balance amongst N node containers (APIs). one MySQL container (ultimately I will run replicas as well, not sure if this is related the problem). many API containers that will connect to the mysql container Based on my […]

how to connect a docker container to network

I am newbie to docker. i am running a docker container with ip address at Host Ubuntu OS . when i ping from it ping successful. but another host at network with ip is not able to ping i add nat rule also at *nat -I PREROUTING -d […]

Unrecognized argument format hosting.ini

Trying to deploy default asp 5 app on to docker container running on ubuntu server. All goes smooth except one thing. Application cant start giving System.FormatException: Unrecognized argument format: ‘hosting.ini’. Any ideas? What is this about?

netcat for MySQL connection forwarding

This question is in relation to Dockerized web app connecting to MySQL DB on host I am trying to open up a connection from a docker container to the host to support MySQL connections. The way I understand it I should be able to execute the following in my container nc.traditional -l -p 3306 -c […]

Deploy my application to cluster of multiple vms using orchestration tools

Kubernetes is orchestration system for Docker containers. This means: I can deploy and scale my application using it, and it will ensure that my application (that consistes of microservices) is up and running. Now I want to use it to deploy my application to a cluster. My cluster consists of 3 virtual-machines that run Ubuntu […]

Tracks stops working when volume is specified

I am trying to get the Tracks Docker image to work. When I run the given command docker run -d –name=tracks -p 80:80 staannoe/tracks, everything goes fine. However, if I add a volume with docker run -d –volume /srv/tracks:/var/www –name=tracks -p 80:80 staannoe/tracks then suddenly it breaks: After doing the docker run, when I point […]

docker cannot start container

When I run a container with -p, it failed like this: [root@localhost ~]# docker run -it -p 40000:40000 docker.io/centos:7 /bin/bash FATA[0001] Error response from daemon: Cannot start container f3acda2a65a1521630694a9e019cc8a7131dc58dd10bdfcaa85d1e28f434d8f4: (exit status 1) and this is my env: [root@localhost ~]# uname -r 3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64 [root@localhost ~]# docker version Client version: 1.6.0 Client API version: 1.18 Go version […]

How to remove/install a docker image on an unconfigured Docker for centos 7

Using Centos 6.6 and 7 and deciding to move to centos 7 as there are some issues using docker with centos 6.6 (reboot issues for me) and i’m trying to pull the current centos image from docker. (should just be docker pull centos) However because i already had a docker image of centos installed on […]

Why the Linux total storage auto increase?

I had a Docker Image including a KVM and a windows.img of qcow2 format. And launched a container based on the Image, then I could connect to the windows by remote desktop connection. Theoretically, running a container doesn’t take any storage, only when writing to windows can add storage in this case. But curiously, I […]

How to create multiple guest session on ubuntu or others linux distros?

i want to create an application that allow many people can execute command line to a server in same time. And each one have a “virtual session” (i don’t know how to call that exactly), that allow him create file, folder, … and will destroy when he disconnect. So, i really want to know how […]

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