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Can't bootstrap Docker version since 1.11.x for direct-lvm setup (Kubernetes)

When we are trying to setup Kubernetes (v1.3.4) with docker (version >= 1.11.x storage:devicemapper,direct-lvm), we get the error message in docker-bootstrap.log . ERROR : unable to take ownership of thin-pool that already has used data blocks but there is no such error when we use docker version 1.10.3

Mongodb replicaset on gke not working

I’m creating 3 rc for each mongo pod: apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: labels: name: mongo name: mongo-controller-1 spec: replicas: 1 selector: name: mongo-1 template: metadata: labels: name: mongo-1 type: mongo pod: mongo-1 spec: containers: – image: mongo command: – “/bin/bash” – “-c” – “service mongod stop; mkdir -p /srv/mongodb/db0 && mongod –dbpath /srv/mongodb/db0 –replSet […]

failed to detect process id for “docker” – failed to find pid of “docker”: exit status 1

I see this log in my /var/log/messages failed to detect process id for “docker” – failed to find pid of “docker”: exit status 1 I found a workaround which told me to create a link between docker-current and docker So I performed: cd /usr/bin ln -sf docker-current docker I restarted everything but still the same […]

How to get user ip, if the requests go through hyberkube?

Nginx is losing the IP of the user as the queries go through the hyberkube proxy and he substitutes your IP address. How can I avoid this? Wait for version 1.4? https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/10921

Kubernetes: Directly connecting a container to an external IP for UDP connections?

I have a service which receives UDP packets from clients. It’s essential to the operation of this service that it’s able to read the IPv4 address and port that the packet is coming from (essentially this service exists for NAT punchthrough in games). The LoadBalancer option in Kubernetes doesn’t work because the Google Cloud Load […]

kubectl throwing segmentation fault

I have started playing with kubernetes. I followed the guide to set it up locally via minikube. I have perfectly managed to configure I am facing a weird issue. Whenever I try running some command using kubectl I get segmentation fault (core dumped). Even when I tried accessing the directory ‘kubectl’, it threw the same […]

replicationcontroller not showed in kubernetes

I’ve just installed Kuberentes on Vagrant (one master and one node). I deployed 3 nginx pods: $ ./cluster/kubectl.sh run my-nginx –image=nginx –replicas=3 –port=80 They were all running fine. I decided to delete one pod and a new pod was recreated immediatly (what I did expect). So it works fine. But the problem is that I […]

ImagePullBackOff: Kubernetes error with Nexus based Private Registry

I had initially thought this was the same as: Kubernetes imagePullSecrets not working; getting "image not found" However, even disabling authentication (to avoid the need for secrets) still produces the same error. So, Kubernetes trying to pull images from Nexus Docker registry keeps producing the kubernetes error: “Failed to pull image “nexus.mydomain.co.uk/nginx”: Error: image nginx:latest […]

Kubernetes v1.2.2 api-server dosen't start

I attempt to deploy Pachyderm (a docker bigdata platform) on kubernetes. Limited by Pachyderm, I have to install kubernetes v1.2.2, an old version. I follow the guide here http://kubernetes.io/docs/getting-started-guides/docker/ to deploy Kubernetes on local server via docker. The guide can work with the kubernetes >=1.3.0, but when I use it to deploy kubernetes 1.2.2, I […]

Weave takes my node offline when I hit a container's ip

I’m running weave with kubernetes/cni . I have a wordpress/mysql pod running on a kube minion. When I hit the url of the wordpress service via the browser, my node goes down (on azure). I upgraded to 8cores and 14gb ram and now when I do hit the wordpress url I find that I can’t […]

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