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Invalid value while trying to create a kubernetes pod with secret in it

I’m trying to create a simple kubernetes pod and use a kubernetes secret in it,but unfortunately I encountered the following error after running “kubectl create -f pod.yml” : The Pod “hello-pod” is invalid. spec.containers[0].env[0].valueFrom: Invalid value: “”: may not have more than one field specified at a time Here is my secret.yml : apiVersion: v1 […]

Docker daemon can't start after installing Kubernetes in Ubuntu

We have used Kubernetes ubuntu provider scripts to deploy multiple nodes cluster After installing with kube-up.sh, the script try to override the /etc/default/docker and docker daemon fail to start with this configuration DOCKER_OPTS=” -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock –bip= –mtu=8951 –insecure-registry –insecure-registry tobe.com -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock –bip= –mtu=8951″ If we start from command line, […]

Exposed Service unreachable

I am trying to run the following Kubernetes module which builds a Concourse Web UI & Scheduler along with the Postgresql dependency through this: https://github.com/vyshane/concourse–kubernetes However, the issue I am having is that expose mechanism isn’t working, so I am only able to access the service from inside the Kubernetes, i.e. <a href=”/login?redirect=%2F”>Found</a> is returned […]

How to build a kubernetes dashboard when kube-apiserver use token authentication

I follow the page: https://github.com/kubernetes/dashboard to create a kubernetes-dashboard for my cluster. using the insecure port – –apiserver-host=http://{{ .Env.MASTER_PRIVATE }}:8080 it works well. However, if I using the secure port(token authentication) for kube-apiserver – –apiserver-host=https://{{ .Env.MASTER_PRIVATE }}:6443 I get this from exited pod: Reason: Get x509: failed to load system roots and no roots […]

Workflow for building, pushing, and testing Docker images inside GKE / Kubernetes

I am developing a Kubernetes service for deployment in Google Container Egine (GKE). Until recently, I have built Docker images in Google Cloud Shell, but I am hitting quota limits now, because the overall load on the free VM instance where Cloud Shell runs is apparently too high from multiple docker builds and pushes. My […]

OPENSHIFT V3 : Issue with preStop container hook (with a basical example)

I was trying to getting started with Lifecycle hook in openshift, but I’ve got some issues with a very simple example: I just run a pod that contains a volume (named test) and 2 containers (hookExample and daemonContainer). Both containers are attached to the volume. The first one contains 3 scripts “postStart.sh” “script.sh” “end.sh” which […]

Docker Clustering multiple proxies fronting multiple tomcats

ls, I want to move a cluster of application servers fronted by proxies to a Kubernetes Docker environment. We now have a failover crossed clustering like cluster and we are using sticky sessions to limit resources needed for our memory prone solution (>2GB each Tomcat). I am now struggling with the concept of each component […]

Kubectl exec gives error Error from server:upgrade request required

Kubectl version:1.2.4 etcd version 2.2.1 flannel version 0.0.5 I have a four node cluster and all nodes are up and running. kubectl run works fine but I am not able to enter my container.I have tried updating the curl version to 7.47 but it still does not work.

Kubernetes Limits (1.2) not enforced

I have a 1.2.2 K8s cluster running on CoreOS in AWS. I am rolling out changes to enforce CPU limits and quotas. Based on what I read here and on the docker run documentation, limits should be enforced for x amount of CPU time per period by the docker daemon. I have checked that: The […]

Openshift pods crash

I have created image locally (docker image) and when i run image witg oc run AA –image=(docker image name). It runs and crashes after few seconds. There is no log in oc and docker. Error in oc describe is crashloopbackoff

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