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How is Docker Swarm different than Kubernetes?

I am finding docker swarm, kubernetes quite similar and then there is docker which is a company and the above two are docker clustering tool. So what exactly all these tools are and differences between them?

Kubernetes imagePullSecrets not working; getting “image not found”

I have an off-the-shelf Kubernetes cluster running on AWS, installed with the kube-up script. I would like to run some containers that are in a private Docker Hub repository. But I keep getting a “not found” error: > kubectl get pod NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE maestro-kubetest-d37hr 0/1 Error: image csats/maestro:latest not found 0 22m […]

Creating kubernetes cluster inside an existing VPC in AWS

To create kubernetes cluster in AWS, I use the set up script “https://get.k8s.io”. That script creates a new VPC automatically, but I want to create kubernetes cluster inside an existing VPC in AWS. Is there a way to do it? I checked /kubernetes/cluster/aws/config-default.sh file, but there doesn’t seem to be any environment variables about VPC.

HostPath with minikube – Kubernetes

UPDATE: I connected to the minikubevm and I see my host directory mounted but there is no files there. Also when I create a file there it will not in my host machine. Any link are between them I try to mount an host directory for developing my app with kubernetes. As the doc recommended, […]

Kubernetes: VPN server and DNS issues

I spinned a docker-openvpn container in my (local) Kubernetes cluster to access my Services securely and debug dependent services locally. I can connect to the cluster via the openVPN server. However I can’t resolve my Services via DNS. I managed to get to the point where after setting routes on the VPN server: I can […]

What is the difference between Docker Swarm and Kubernetes/Mesophere?

From what I understand, Kubernetes/Mesosphere is a cluster manager and Docker Swarm is an orchestration tool. I am trying to understand how they are different? Is Docker Swarm analogous to the POSIX API in the Docker world while Kubernetes/Mesosphere are different implementations? Or are they different layers?

How do I scale up my cluster on Google Container Engine / Kubernetes?

I have two instances of an app container (happens to be a Node.JS app, but that shouldn’t matter) running in a Kubernetes cluster on Google Container Engine. I’d like to scale it up to three instances. My cluster has a master and two minion nodes, with a replication controller and a load balancer service. The […]

Implement on-demand docker container start-up

Situation: lots of heavy docker conainers that get hit periodically for a while, then stay unused for a longer period. Wish: start the containers on demand (like systemd starts things through socket activation) and stop them after idling for given period. No visible downtime to end-user. Options: Kubernetes has resource controllers which can scale replicas. […]

Can not pull docker image from private repo when using Minikube

I am attempting to use Minikube for local kubernetes development. I have set up my docker environment to use the docker daemon running in the provided Minikube VM (boot2docker) as suggested: eval $(minikube docker-env) It sets up these environment variables: export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=”1″ export DOCKER_HOST=”tcp://″ export DOCKER_CERT_PATH=”/home/jasonwhite/.minikube/certs” When I attempt to pull an image from our […]

How to launch an app via Docker on every Pull Request?

I run Jenkins and my app is dockerized, i.e. when I run the container it exposes port 3000 and I can point my browser there. On every Github PR I would like to deploy that git commit to a running container somewhere and have Jenkins post back to the PR the link where it can […]

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