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Add multiple network interfaces inside a pod in Kubernetes

I’m trying to add a second network interface in Docker containers (with only Docker, I simply add my container to another “docker network” using the docker network command) in Kubernetes such that containers are also able to communicate together through this second interface. The thing is that it is not possible to simply call the […]

How to setup git and git-sync in a docker container?

I want to setup up git and git-sync in my new docker container but I am not sure how to do that or if that is the right way to do it? If there is a easier way to do it for example I also use kubernetes and I am trying to see what kubernetes […]

Connecting to Kubernetes on Docker on OSX?

I’m on an OSX host using docker-machine to manage my docker installation. I’m trying to get a kubernetes cluster set up and I’m having a hard time running kubectl on my host. Right now I’m running this to launch it: . docker_kube_env.sh # Set K8S_VERSION and KUBECONFIG docker run \ –volume=/:/rootfs:ro \ –volume=/sys:/sys:ro \ –volume=/var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker:rw […]

Kubernetes cluster attempts endless gcr.io DNS lookups, swamping the router. What is wrong and how can I put a stop to it?

I’m running a Kubernetes 1.2.0 cluster on four Raspberry Pi 2’s with Hypriot OS (2015-11-15 stable build). The setup was built for demo purposes. They’re networked through a switch, to which a consumer-grade router (IP is also connected, running DD-WRT which is set up as a wireless bridge, DHCP server and DNS server (also […]

“Running Kubernetes Locally via Docker” Guide is not working at all for MacOS, ssh command just hanging

I am following this Guide at http://kubernetes.io/docs/getting-started-guides/docker/ to start using Kubernetes on MacOS. Is this guide valid? When I am doing this step: docker-machine sshdocker-machine active-N -L 8080:localhost:8080 They command is hanging, no repsponse at all; Looking at docker ps -l, I have CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES b1e95e26f46d gcr.io/google_containers/hyperkube-amd64:v1.2.3 “/hyperkube apiserver” […]

How to connect my docker image to my kubernetes cluster?

I have a simple play project, and I created a docker image for it. I created the image like: in my circle.yml I added: deployment: feature: branch: /.*/ commands: – docker login -e admin@something.com -u ${ART_USER} -p ${ART_KEY} crp-docker-docker-local.someartifactory.com – sbt -DBUILD_NUMBER=”${CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM}” docker:publish Now in my jfrog account I have the image name for this […]

How to expose my pod to the internet and get to it from the browser?

first of all I downloaded kubernetes, kubectl and created a cluster from aws (export KUBERNETES_PROVIDER=aws; wget -q -O – https://get.k8s.io | bash ) I added some lines to my project circle.yml to use circleCI services to build my image. To support docker I added: machine: services: – docker and to create my image and send […]

Openshift node fails to start

I’m trying to use Openshift Enterprise on a VM with the master and the node both installed in the same VM. I started the master, and it works fine, but when I try starting the node with the below command openshift start node –config=/etc/origin/node/node-config.yaml it fails… with the below log: I0607 13:07:25.727476 122371 server.go:825] Watching […]

asp-net 1.0, Docker and Kubernetes

I am currently trying to port a service across to asp-net 1.0 and get it up and running in a local Kubernetes cluster, or even a single node (Kubernetes Master and 1 minion). I have successfully managed the first part and had my service running in kestrel using Docker within a Boot2Docker VM and also […]

Fail to expose my pod to the internet

I have tried some example to run a specific image on my kubernetes cluster, I did this command: kubectl run my-nginx –image=nginx –replicas=2 –port=80 then: kubectl expose rc my-nginx –port=80 –type=LoadBalancer and when I go: kubectl get service I get: NAME LABELS SELECTOR IP(S) PORT(S) kubernetes component=apiserver,provider=kubernetes <none> 443/TCP my-nginx run=my-nginx run=my-nginx 80/TCP […]

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