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Would Docker swarm assist me with managing containers with specific environment variables?

Essentially I need to be able to start container with a specific environment variable (an account ID). And I need to run a multiple number of such containers (each with different account IDs). I’d need to be able to start additional containers, without having to stop the existing containers. I’d also need to be able […]

not able to deploy k8s pod when tried through jenkins job on GCE

I have created one cluster in google container engine & in that i have deployed one pod having jenkins running in it. then configiured one job which will build,run,push & deploy sample app. so all these job steps are executing except “deploy-sampleapp-step” due to below error [sampleapp_master-HAWDXNK5BCRQ7EWPPOHGW7RUWBBM25WIAIKOP6UBHIDYZGTMQIJA] Running shell script + kubectl –namespace=production apply -f […]

How to set a time limit for a Kubernetes job?

I’d like to launch a Kubernetes job and give it a fixed deadline to finish. If the pod is still running when the deadline comes, I’d like the job to automatically be killed. Does something like this exist? (At first I thought that the Job spec’s activeDeadlineSeconds covered this use case, but now I see […]

Benchmarking contianers in clouds

I am working with container orchestration environments, I want to run some tests on docker-swarm and Kubernetes, as a part of that I am interested to know about the container “startup time” when they are running in aws. Eg : https://medium.com/on-docker/evaluating-container-platforms-at-scale-5e7b44d93f2c. It was in a very large scale but I want to do it in […]

Bamboo+Docker+Kubernetes deployment

we are currently playing around with kubernetes+docker. At the moment I’m wondering how to integrate bamboo in our deployment process during development and for release. Our current CI process is like this: dev checks-in code changes to branch “develop” bamboo triggers build process: code is checked out from git run build code (java) run unit+integration […]

how to centralized log file on docker container?

How to centralized log file on docker container? This log file is not in /var/lib/docker/container/*/ This log file is like catalina.out or another log file in container. (this file can be stdout/err or not). Many solution is almost about stdout/err( /var/lib/docker/container/* ). But I want to centralized log file in container to use ELK or […]

no nodes available to schedule pods – Running Kubernetes Locally with No VM

I’m new to Kubernetes – I’ve worked with docker-compose until now (on one machine). Now I want to expend my work to cluster of nodes and to get Kubernetes capabilities (service discovery, load balancing, health check etc). I’m working in local servers (RHEL7) and trying to run my first Kubernetes environment (following this doc) with […]

Can't run a docker container on kubernetes in the interactive mode

Here is a post about kubectl run command – http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/kubectl/kubectl_run/ I have tried to run the docker container with the -i option, like in the example: # Start a single instance of busybox and keep it in the foreground, don’t restart it if it exits. kubectl run -i –tty busybox –image=busybox –restart=Never However, kubectl says […]

Kubernetes locally via Docker: why do we need port forwarding?

Trying out Kubernetes on my mac, following this guide and using docker-toolbox, I don’t understand why I need this step: Note: On OS/X you will need to set up port forwarding via ssh: boot2docker ssh -L8080:localhost:8080 The api server is running with –net=host so I should be able to curl <ip-of-my-docker-machine>:8080 but I got “connection […]

Multi host Container communication with kubernetes and flannel

I am following the following guide http://kubernetes.io/v1.0/docs/getting-started-guides/fedora/flannel_multi_node_cluster.html I get all the way to the very last step when it says to ping a container on another host from a separate container on another host. I am supposed to see something like this (like it shows in the documentation) bash-4.3# ping PING ( 56(84) […]

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