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Why the pods returns Error or ExitCode:0 even they run successfully?

There’s two kinds of status code of one-shot pods, running from API or the command: kubectl run –restart=Never –image test:v0.1 …. The pods produce output files to a NFS server, and I’ve got files successfully. kubectl get pods -ao wide: NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE test-90 0/1 ExitCode:0 0 23m test-91 0/1 ExitCode:0 0 […]

How can I configure Calico to use a custom subnet as the default?

I have been able to create a Kubernetes cluster on CoreOS using Calico following this guide. As documented in the guide, Calico creates a default subnet Once the services start, I can redefine the subnet by running the following commands: $ export ETCD_AUTHORITY= $ calicoctl pool remove $ calicoctl pool add –nat-outgoing […]

Kubernetes networking issue

I have installed a Kubernetes cluster on VirtualBox (centos7) using a tutorial from here. Here is my setup: kube-master – (etcd, kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, kube-scheduler) kube-minion1 – (kube-proxy, kubelet, docker, flanneld) When i finished the setup everything looked good: $ kubectl get nodes NAME LABELS STATUS kube-minion1 kubernetes.io/hostname=kube-minion1 Ready I tried to add mysql […]

Kubernetes service in java does not resolve restarted service/replicationcontroller

I have a kubernetes cluster where one service (java application) connects to another service to write data (elasticsearch). When elasticsearch (service & replicationcontroller) is restarted/redeployed, the java-application looses it’s connection, which can only be recovered by restarting the java-application (rc). This is not the desired behaviour and should be solved. Using curl from the kubernetes […]

error: couldn't read version from server: Get http://localhost:8080/api: dial tcp connection refused

I installed kubernetes on linux. I used these steps http://kubernetes.io/v1.1/docs/getting-started-guides/docker.html Firstly everything is normal and working. Then i closed terminal and again open give error permission denied. After restart machine and give the below error kubectl get pod error: couldn’t read version from server: Get http://localhost:8080/api: dial tcp connection refused I am just getting […]

Why isn't Kubernetes service DNS working on Docker Multinode?

My problem is exactly as described in the thread Why isn’t Kubernetes service DNS working but my question relates to Kubernetes on Docker, how do I fix the issues with DNS when using Kubernetes Docker Multinode.

Ways to manage pods in different executing result

I have many one-shot dockers to generate an output file in my project, they are small but cost many resources, so k8s is the best choice. In this scenario, I start pods by kubectl run –restart=Never without any replication controllers. As a result, the output file is not guaranteed, and I have to handle them […]

Gcloud kubernetes/docker deploy works but stops responding after 10 minutes

So I’ve taken on a deployment onto the google container engine and have run into a weird behaviour I don’t really know how to debug. I am deploying a ruby on rails application using docker and kubernetes. I am basically following this tutorial: https://cloud.google.com/container-engine/docs/tutorials/hello-node#step_2_create_a_docker_container_image skipping the spinning up replicas section and it works. I can […]

Postgres DB Password not being set in Kubernetes script

For some reason, the postgres instance isn’t being locked down with a password using the following kubernetes script. apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: name: postgres labels: name: postgres spec: replicas: 1 template: metadata: labels: name: postgres spec: containers: – resources: image: postgres:9.4 name: postgres env: – name: DB_PASS value: password – name: PGDATA value: /var/lib/postgresql/data/pgdata […]

Running multi-node kubernetes using docker

I followed the instructions given here, but both the scripts (master.sh & worker.sh) are failing on nodes (Ubuntu 14.04). The script output is as follows: root@LAP0061:/home/user/kubernetes/docs/getting-started-guides/docker-multinode# ./master.sh K8S_VERSION is set to: 1.2.0-alpha.7 ETCD_VERSION is set to: 2.2.1 FLANNEL_VERSION is set to: 0.5.5 FLANNEL_IFACE is set to: eth0 FLANNEL_IPMASQ is set to: true MASTER_IP is set […]

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