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How do I debug a kube-proxy that's only proxying portal IP traffic to localhost and not other instances?

I’m running CoreOS and trying to get service 1 to talk to service 2. If both service 1 and 2 have launched on the same instance, everything works. However, if service 1 and 2 are scheduled on different instances, no dice. Here’s my replication controllers: $ kubectl get replicationcontrollers CONTROLLER CONTAINER(S) IMAGE(S) SELECTOR REPLICAS app-server […]

Deploy Docker container using Kubernetes

I’m learning about Kubernetes because it’s a very useful tool to manage and deploy container. So My question is: For example i have 2 instances Amazon EC2 called Kube1 and Kube2. So on Kube1 i create some container using Docker and deploy wordpress successfully. Now i want to make a cluster between Kube1 and Kube2 […]

Operation is not supported while cat memory usage of docker

Environment Ubuntu 13.04 Docker 1.7.0 (and 1.6.2) Problem After starting up kubernetes cluster, I find it’s hard to get the minion resource info, so I cat /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/memory.memsw.usage_in_bytes, Ubuntu complains that “operation is not supported” even cat with sudo. Docker did not support ubuntu raring right now, and I’ve installed Docker 1.6.2 and 1.7.0 from ppa, […]

How to mimic “–oom-kill-disable=true” in kuberenetes?

–oom-score-adj=-999 of kubelet command seems not work. From now on, I find only the docker run –oom-kill-disable works fine to avoid containers killed by oom. so is there a way to mimic this option in kubernetes? via environment variables?

Can we control the k8s node run container members?

Can we control the cluster node run a mount of container? Example:A node can run max container 5,if we rc has 6,at this node we just can start 5 container.

How to set-up Mongo replica set on Kubernetes?

I’m trying set-up a three node Mongo replica set on Kubernetes. My thoughts is start three pods, with Mongo in each one, when the pod starts, it automatically sets up the replica set, so I need to modify the Mongo image Dockerfile to execute some command in Mongo shell. But I am stuck at executing […]

docker run command change to .yaml file

below is my start container docker run command: docker run -it -d –name=aaa–net=host -v /opt/headedness/phantomjs:/data/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs -v /opt/ctcrawler/log:/data/log XXX/app/aaa:latest -id aaa -endpoint http://localhost:8080/c2/ -selenium http://localhost:4444/wd/hub How to change it to a yaml file? I have try many ways,but still can`t working… below is my .yaml file(pls help…) apiVersion: v1 kind: Pod metadata: name: aaa spec: containers: […]

Getting logs of tomcat containers running in kubernetes pods using fluentd, elsasticsearch and kibana

We are using Kubernetes and we have multiple tomcat/jws containers running on multiple pods. What would be best approach for centralized logging using fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana. The main purpose is to get the tomcat logs which are running in pods (example: access.log and catalina.log), also the application log which is deployed on the tomcat. […]

UDP response issues

I’m having an issue with port forwarding UDP traffic in kubernetes. I am running a coreos baremetal setup and in the past just used fleet to run my containers, so these containers to work and my network and port forwarding is setup correctly. I can manually run the container and port forward to it and […]

why run exec command?

What is the reason for this error? I dont understand . Command runs two pods but not running ubuntu pod? vagrant@vagrant:~$ kubectl get po NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE cassandra-2p4m0 0/1 Running 1 1d k8s-master- 3/3 Running 6 1d nginx-app-6q4cn 1/1 Running 0 1h nginx-i3bja 1/1 Running 4 1d ubuntu-app-nuuyh 0/1 Running 11 1h vagrant@vagrant:~$ […]

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