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Service host/port undefined, Kubernetes/Google Container Engine

I have a service with the name mongodb. According to the documentation, the service host and port should be available to other pods in the same cluster through $MONGODB_SERVICE_HOST and $MONGODB_SERVICE_PORT. However, neither of these are set in my frontend pods. What are the requirements for this to work? frontend-controller.json { “id”: “frontend”, “kind”: “ReplicationController”, […]

Kubernetes on Fedora 21 Pod Stays Pending

I’ve setup a kubernetes three node cluster using: Fedora 21 kubernetes-0.7.0-18.0.git52e165a.fc21.x86_64 docker-io-1.4.0-1.fc21.x86_64 I created the below pod: http://dpaste.com/2VSF8XA Running kubectl get minions shows: NAME LABELS <none> <none> I run kubectl create -f podfile.json Running kubectl get pod nginxphp shows: NAME IMAGE(S) HOST LABELS STATUS nginxphp million12/nginx-php name=nginxphp Pending Running kubectl get events […]

Kubernetes and vSphere, AWS

I am a bit late to the party and am just delving into containers now. At work we use vSphere as our virtualization platform, but are likely to move to “the cloud” (AWS, GCP, Heroku, etc.) at some point in the somewhat-near future. Ideally, I’d like to build up our app containers such that I […]

Is it possible to set a different host port than the container's exposed port in docker?

Is it possible to set a different host port than the container’s exposed port in docker? For example docker run -name some_container -p 80:8080 -i -t some_img If so, is it -p host:container or -p container:host? I’ve looked through the docs and haven’t found any examples of this nor details on the publish option for […]

Unable to access the internet from Kubernetes containers

I am working with the Vagrant Kubernetes 0.9.3 setup on Mac OSX. Environment: Kubernetes 0.9.3 Vagrant 1.7.2 VirtualBox-4.3.20-96996-OSX I am able to successfully deploy images and start containers in a single minion environment: master minion-1 I am unable to access the Internet from inside a running container. I can access the Internet from the minion-1 […]

Organization of pods in cluster in Google Container Engine

What is the usual way to organize pods in a cluster in Kubernetes? I have a Jenkins build server, Docker registry, Git repository and other development tools that I want to run in Google Container Engine. Do I create one cluster for each of them? Or can multiple pods be scheduled on each node? So […]

Would Docker swarm assist me with managing containers with specific environment variables?

Essentially I need to be able to start container with a specific environment variable (an account ID). And I need to run a multiple number of such containers (each with different account IDs). I’d need to be able to start additional containers, without having to stop the existing containers. I’d also need to be able […]

not able to deploy k8s pod when tried through jenkins job on GCE

I have created one cluster in google container engine & in that i have deployed one pod having jenkins running in it. then configiured one job which will build,run,push & deploy sample app. so all these job steps are executing except “deploy-sampleapp-step” due to below error [sampleapp_master-HAWDXNK5BCRQ7EWPPOHGW7RUWBBM25WIAIKOP6UBHIDYZGTMQIJA] Running shell script + kubectl –namespace=production apply -f […]

How to set a time limit for a Kubernetes job?

I’d like to launch a Kubernetes job and give it a fixed deadline to finish. If the pod is still running when the deadline comes, I’d like the job to automatically be killed. Does something like this exist? (At first I thought that the Job spec’s activeDeadlineSeconds covered this use case, but now I see […]

Benchmarking contianers in clouds

I am working with container orchestration environments, I want to run some tests on docker-swarm and Kubernetes, as a part of that I am interested to know about the container “startup time” when they are running in aws. Eg : https://medium.com/on-docker/evaluating-container-platforms-at-scale-5e7b44d93f2c. It was in a very large scale but I want to do it in […]

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