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Pattern for Bridging Containers -> Kubernetes deployments

I have a Kubernetes deployment and a local developer environment running in a container. The app requires memcached, which I’d like to run in its own container and run linked. I do not want to change my application at all between development and production, I’d like the environment to do that for me. So, my […]

CreationTime = null for Kubernetes replication controlelr template

What does it mean when the creationTimestamp for the template is null? “template”: { “metadata”: { “creationTimestamp”: null, “labels”: { “name”: “kube-template” } },

Can Assign two Pods in Replication Controller to the two Different Nodes on Kubernetes?

There are two containers defined in my Replication Controller config file and the value of replicas is 1, Is there any way to assign two Pods to the two different nodes?

Creating a CAAS using Kubernetes/Docker/Flannel/etcd

I would like to request some expert opinion from SMEs on: 1) What would it take to build a CAAS using physical/bare-metal servers. a. Suggested options to implement concerns like : Resource Monitoring, Utilization etc b. Any suggested approaches to make a robust, scalable, resilient underlying infrastructure which marries well kubernetes/docker/etcd/flannel based CAAS layer 2) […]

Kubernetes multi-tier container application

I have two Docker containers running Flask and redis each that communicate well when linked using Docker container linking. I am trying to deploy the same on Kubernetes using services and pods but, it’s not working. I am learning Kubernetes so I must be doing something wrong here. Below are the Docker commands that work […]

Deploy my application to cluster of multiple vms using orchestration tools

Kubernetes is orchestration system for Docker containers. This means: I can deploy and scale my application using it, and it will ensure that my application (that consistes of microservices) is up and running. Now I want to use it to deploy my application to a cluster. My cluster consists of 3 virtual-machines that run Ubuntu […]

Docker application support in Hadoop YARN

I need to process a large (terabytes) set of data (mainly images). I was thinking of using Hadoop YARN with HDFS to process these data. The idea is to ingest all the data into HDFS and then submit Hadoop job to process the data. YARN will deploy the processing application close to the data and […]

How do I expose Docker a Docker port via Kubernetes in Google Cloud?

I am trying to wrap my head around provisioning Docker instances in Kubernetes on Google Cloud. I have build a replica controller that specifies a single pod and defined a port to be exposed, but it is not being exposed. Here is my containers.yaml: apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: name: postgres spec: replicas: 1 selector: […]

Docker container IP's not communicating in kubernetes cluster

I have a kubenetes cluster running successfully. I have tried bringing applications in the cluster like a simple nginx. I have a setup of master-minion and a minion node. The problem here is that I’m able to launch applications from the master-minion node but when I bring up applications in another minion it gives me […]

Kubernetes Guestbook Example Not Loading Page

New question: I’ve followed the guestbook tutorial here: https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes/blob/master/examples/guestbook/README.md And the output of my commands match their outputs exactly. When I try to access the guestbook web server, the page does not load. Specifically, I have the frontend on port 80, I have enabled http/s connections on the console for all instances, I have run […]

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