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Kubernetes: cant install Dashboard

When I am trying to install Dashboard, I am getting error like this `[root@ts ~]# kubectl create -f https://rawgit.com/kubernetes/dashboard/master/src/deploy/kubernetes-dashboard.yaml error validating “https://rawgit.com/kubernetes/dashboard/master/src/deploy/kubernetes-dashboard.yaml”: error validating data: [unexpected type: object, unexpected type: unversioned.LabelSelector, unexpected type: object, unexpected type: object]; if you choose to ignore these errors, turn validation off with –validate=false` How to resolve this? I have […]

How does the microservice API gateway pattern work with auto Horizontal scaling?

If I would like to have a high available solution. So, I would have two API gateways in different data center. Each API gateway is connected to three microservices like billing, users, and account services. Each one has three replica. So is that true to have 6 copies for one microservice, and if not. How […]

Jenkins on GCE not building

I’m trying to get my head around Jenkins CD and k8s on GCE. I’m following the tutorial on GCE: https://cloud.google.com/solutions/continuous-delivery-jenkins-container-engine For some reason the app won’t build: This is the Jenkins console output. This is my Jenkins file: node { def project = ‘xxxxxx’ def appName = ‘gceme’ def feSvcName = “${appName}-frontend” def imageTag = […]

Is it possible to run match servers on Kubernetes for a Real Time Multiplayer game?

I can’t seem to find any resources online on people doing this, yet it would seem to be possible through the use of StatefulSet (?). I can imagine that whenever a Match is made a Pod would be scheduled and when the Match is over it would be removed. There’s a bunch of other questions […]

Deploying Docker images from Gitlab's private Docker registry to Openshift

I’m working on a Docker-based project. The project code is hosted in a private Gitlab installation, git.example.com. With it, the Docker private registry shipped with Gitlab is deployed, registry.example.com. The project has a CI setup which ends up building Docker images and pushing to the registry, this part works as expected. As Gitlab+Docker registry does […]

I tried to set up Kubernetes executor for gitlab but I get ERROR

I set up Kubernetes executor, but when I tried to run pipeline I got this error: ERROR: Job failed: image pull failed: Tag x86_64-a3da309 not found in repository docker.io/gitlab/gitlab-runner-helper I set some public docker image in gitlab-ci.yml Someone have idea what can be wrong?

RunContainer: Error response from daemon: Duplicate mount point (Kubernetes)

I tried to deploy in kubernetes twice. I accidentally put / at the end of volumeMounts – mountPath. Then, I removed the /, and applied the deployment file again. But for some reason, the pod status says RunContainerError, and kubectl describe pods says runContainer: Error response from daemon: Duplicate mount point. Is there anyone has […]

Composition of services is it possible with kubernetes?

I have a pod in which i have image ubuntu desktop i connect to this image via xrdp what i want to do is to add eclipse image to this pod in other words when i connect to this ubuntu desktop i can find eclipse. I am going to create platform based on kubernetes with […]

Kubernetes Jenkins swap space issue

Jenkins is failing to build due to “Free Swap Space” being 0. I don’t know how to fix that. The build process keeps hanging. Here part of the output: When I ssh into the instance and docker info I get a WARNING: No swap limit support.

Verbose logging in Kubernetes deployment file

Iam new to Kubernetes , i want to know what does ‘V’ in the following mean ? spec: containers: – args: – -v=9 It seems to me it denotes verbose logging , is there any documentation for the same regarding the various levels of logging avbl like what values that arg v can take ?

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