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Write logs in PHP outside Docker container

I have a task to write logs outside the docker container. It’s a bit problem because I cannot save logs inside the container and we decided to use docker pipe. As you maybe know docker provides logs based on pipes inside Linux. The same approach using in Docker PHP-FPM. So my solution is: $rs = […]

Error mounting volumes on Openshift (Next gen)

I’m testing the new Openshift platform based on Docker and Kubernetes. I’ve created a new project from scratch, then when I try to deploy a simple MongoDB service (as well with a python app), I got the following errors in the Monitoring section in Web console: Unable to mount volumes for pod “mongodb-1-sfg8t_rob1(e9e53040-ab59-11e6-a64c-0e3d364e19a5)”: timeout expired […]

CrashLoopBackOff: Docker image not running on Kubernates ? (ImagePullBackOff)

I have a REST API application with the following maven and docker file. I am using Jdk 8, latest Docker and Kubernates, latest minicubi , and work on latest Mac OS I was able to create the docker image without any problem as well as deploy it on Kubernate. However here the status when I […]

Run test cases for a tool across a fleet of windows hosts

I am trying to build a solution that will allow me to run test cases for a tool across a fleet of 50 – 100 windows hosts. We specifically want windows hosts here as we are testing the performance of the tool in the Window OS. What would be the best approach to get this […]

How can I schedule tasks to CPUs?

I have some tasks defined as Docker containers, each one will consume one full CPU whilst it runs. Id like to run them as cost efficiently as possible so that VMs are only active when the tasks are running. Whats the best way to do this on Google Cloud Platform? It seems Kuberenetes and other […]

Pulling image from local docker repository

Cannot pull image from local repository inside Minikube I have a local docker repository set up on my local machine (mac). I only have two images stored in there. I’m setting up various containers with Kubernetes definition files and on of my configurations is a replication controller that pulls the image from my repository which […]

redis sentinel high availability haproxy

I am checking Redis high availability solution via configuration of master and slave Redis Kubernetes pods and sentinel on top of it. For failover of external client connections, I installed haproxy pod. I encountered with some issue while started testing the configuration: Redis is closing forwarding connections from HAPROXY – client reporting error Error: Server […]

Updating kubectl with new configurations

As I need to change Kubernetes cluster details I picked up ca.pem of master and ran following command in my local machine with correct path to my new ca.pem $ kubectl config set-cluster default-cluster — server=https://${MASTER_HOST} –certificate-authority=${CA_CERT} $ kubectl config set-credentials default-admin –certificate-authority=${CA_CERT} –client-key=${ADMIN_KEY} –client-certificate=${ADMIN_CERT} $ kubectl config set-context default-system –cluster=default-cluster –user=default-admin $ kubectl config […]

How to copy files in maven build that can be used at run time on Docker container?

I am new to Docker and Kubernates. I’ve a working java 8 application and it’s docker image (docker image is generated via maven, i.e no docker file). I’ve also minikube of Kubernates installed and running on latest mac. The application is deployed and is running however, I couldn’t find a file that I process inside […]

About workaround on bug of runc

Related to the following URL: Kubernetes: runContainer: API error (500): Cannot start container (docker failed to umount) We are using the kubernetes cluster on GKE. The version of kubenetes is master version 1.4.5, and minion node version 1.2.0. The same problem as the above URL occurred on our cluster. We understand that upgrading node version […]

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