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LEMP Kubernetes

Let’s say we don’t want to over complicate the example and we’ve decided to use external storage for database. Also, code, config files etc are part of docker images. My question is, based on experience, good practices and ease of use. What’s the strategy you guys are using for deploying nginx, php-fpm stack? Three options […]

Discovering nsqd server address from nslookupd

I’m running an nsq cluster in Docker containers using the following docker-compose.yaml file: version: ‘2’ services: nsqlookupd: image: nsqio/nsq command: /nsqlookupd ports: – “4160” – “4161:4161” nsqd: image: nsqio/nsq command: /nsqd –lookupd-tcp-address=nsqlookupd:4160 –data-path=/data volumes: – data:/data ports: – “4150:4150” – “4151:4151” nsqadmin: image: nsqio/nsq command: /nsqadmin –lookupd-http-address=nsqlookupd:4161 ports: – “4171:4171” volumes: data: Everything runs fine. […]

Switching Between Root and Non-Root Users in Docker

So I’m trying to deploy a Django app on Minikube. But in one of the containers, the image requires me to be in root for certain tasks and then switch the postgres user to create some databases and then switch back to root to run more commands. I know I can use the USER functionality […]

is it possible to make a docker image from a debian image

I am using google compute engine and want to use kubernetes I have created an image for my machine without using dockers. The command I used is sudo gcimagebundle -d /dev/sda -o /tmp/ –log_file=/tmp/ansible.log it results in this image file 6820b8b74dba0d115e3f9e0b969055ac6b67bc65.image.tar.gz Is is possible to create a Dockerfile that creates a docker image from that […]

How to define Kubernetes Job using a private docker registry?

I have a simple Kubernetes job (based on the http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/jobs/work-queue-2/ example) which uses a Docker image that I have placed as a public image on my dockerhub account. It all loks like this: job.yaml: apiVersion: batch/v1 kind: Job metadata: name: job-wq-2 spec: parallelism: 2 template: metadata: name: job-wq-2 spec: containers: – name: c image: jonalv/job-wq-2 […]

How can kubernetes dynamically expose my docker port?

I have a dockerfile of a ruby app that runs a puma server on port 5000. (It EXPOSE the port and also uses the RUN command to run puma -p 5000. In my deployment.yaml I have to set containerPort to be 5000 to match this port. This seems odd to me that my configuration lists […]

Kubernetes Redis HA and exposing redis to things outside of the container

I am trying to learn docker and kubernetes and one of the things I am trying to do is setup Redis with Sentinel and expose redis to things outside the container. Getting redis and sentinel setup was pretty easy following https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/tree/master/examples/storage/redis But now my next desire is to be able to access redis outside the […]


I’ve got a pod with 2 containers, both running nginx. One is running on port 80, the other on port 88. I have no trouble accessing the one on port 80, but can’t seem to access the one on port 88. When I try, I get: This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. […]

Connect java application to YouTube Vitess database

I deployed my java web application in kubernetes using DEPLOYMENTS and was able to scale it and connect it to a database POD, but then I wanted to scale the database too but as you know is not possible in kubernetes and the MYSQL REPLICA not recommended for production. So I tried vitess and was […]

Kubernetes service dns resolution returning wrong IP

I have a simple MYSQL pod sitting behind a MYSQL service. Additionally I have another pod that is running a python process that is trying to connect to the MYSQL pod. If I try connecting to the IP address of the MYSQL pod manually from the python pod, everything is A-OK. However if I try […]

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