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Kubernetes creation in AWS – ap-northeast-2 region throws error “Please specify AWS_IMAGE directly (region not recognized)”

Creating Kubernetes cluster in AWS cloud ap-northeast-2 region is throwing “Please specify AWS_IMAGE directly (region not recognized)” message. Tried by setting the zone “export KUBE_AWS_ZONE=”ap-northeast-2a””. But still fails to create. [root@ip-172-31-29-160 cluster]# export KUBE_AWS_ZONE=”ap-northeast-2a” [root@ip-172-31-29-160 cluster]# ./kube-up.sh ********************************************************* ZONE: ap-northeast-2a REGION: ap-northeast-2 ********************************************************* … Starting cluster using provider: aws … calling verify-prereqs … calling kube-up […]

Kubernetes doesn't perform sync after completing a task

I have an installed Kubernetes cluster in CoreOS infrastructure with configured iSCSI. It seems like Kubernetes doesn’t perform sync syscall after completing a task. In result, I can have an illegal unsynchronized state in the volume. If the task state was “succeded” I can put sync operation at the end of a task, but if […]

how to configure flanneld service on kube minion

I have configured one kube master server and one kube minion server. both are on the CentOS 7 on master server, kube-scheduler , kube-controller-manager and kube-apiservr services are running along with docker and flanneldured etcd server is configured on the kube master server which is up and running properly. however, while configuring flanneld on minion […]

Gcloud push error : ERROR: gcloud crashed (ValueError): No JSON object could be decoded

I’m trying to push my docker image to gcloud for my kubernetes but i’ve got the following error ERROR: gcloud crashed (ValueError): No JSON object could be decoded Any idea ?

Unresponsive SonarQube in Kubernetes

We’re creating a kubernetes deployment for sonar. When using the embedded H2 DB the deployment works fine and SonarQube is available thru the kube Ingress controller. But when setting JDBC parameters for persistence the SonarQube instance fails to respond to any request and outputs the following error (in logs) 01:31:51.000 (unknown):0 warning: already initialized constant […]

Kubernetes add ca certificate to pods' trust root

In my 10-machines bare-metal Kubernetes cluster, one service needs to call another https-based service which is using a self-signed certificate. However, since this self-signed certificate is not added into pods’ trusted root ca, the call failed saying can’t validate x.509 certificate. All pods are based on ubuntu docker images. However the way to add ca […]

What is the difference between the template section in replicator.yml and pod.yml in Kubernetes?

I’m trying to understand the difference between the manifest files used for bringing up the Kubernetes cluster. Say suppose I have a file called pod.yml that defines my pod, that is the containers running it: Pod.yml apiversion : v1 kind: Pod metadata: name : web spec: containers: – name : webserver image : httpd ports […]

celery won't connect to rabbitmq broker for kubernetes

I am currently trying to deploy a basic task queue and frontend using celery, rabbitmq and flower on Kubernetes (and minikube). I am following the example here: https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/tree/release-1.3/examples/celery-rabbitmq I can get everything to work following the instructions; however, when I run docker build on the Dockerfile in ./celery-app-add, push the image to my own repository […]

Kubernetes service-cluster-ip-range do not work for pod

I setup k8s use docker-multinode with some fix, the cluster ip range changed to –service-cluster-ip-range=, but I got both 10 and 172 ip for pod.So the container with 10 IP can not access by other server. I only expected 172 ip for pod, why assign 10 ip for pod ?

“blkio.throttle.io_serviced” pseudo-files return zero values for one container

There’re several docker containers running in my node(deployed by kubernetes), I found a very weird phenomenon: part of containers have data in /sys/fs/cgroup/blkio/docker/$container_id/blkio.throttle.io_serviced but the others no. I thought this is because there’re no read or write operation in that container, so I made some manually like below: for i in `seq 100 10000`;do echo […]

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