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Docker try to download unnecessary busybox image on creation of redis pod with kubernetes tools

I’m trying to make a demo of Kubernetes on CoreOS cluster. I have a pod with redis specifications as: redis.json { “id”: “redis”, “desiredState”: { “manifest”: { “version”: “v1beta1”, “id”: “redis”, “containers”: [{ “name”: “redis”, “image”: “dockerfile/redis”, “ports”: [{ “containerPort”: 6379, “hostPort”: 6379 }] }] } }, “labels”: { “name”: “redis” } } Then, when […]

Source code changes in kubernetes, SaltStack & Docker in production and locally

This is an abstract question and I hope that I am able to describe this clear. Basically; What is the workflow in distributing of source code to Kubernetes that is running in production. As you don’t run Docker with -v in production, how do you update running pods. In production: Do you use SaltStack to […]

Can't access pod logs

I am trying to access the logs of a pod in a kubernetes cluster but get a 404 on sending the following rest request: GET api/namespaces/myNamespace/pods/myPod/log When I try to see the status of the pod I get the following: “metadata”: { “name”: “podtest”, “generateName”: “podtest-“, “namespace”: “podtest01734160-58f9-4042-8f38-3e55d7d5beb3”, “selfLink”: “/api/v1/namespaces/podtest01734160-58f9-4042-8f38-3e55d7d5beb3/pods/podtest-rc-no-env-hc5rl”, “uid”: “dba5c41f-8307-11e5-96f2-005056976c6f”, “resourceVersion”: “3595515”, “creationTimestamp”: […]

How to reboot kubernetes pod and keep the data

I’m now using kubernetes to run the Docker container.I just create the container and i use SSH connect to my pods. I need to do some system config change so i need to reboot the container but when i`reboot the container it will lose all the data in the pod. kubernetes will run a new […]

Creating isolated Docker Zones

I am looking for a project that allows you to create isolated docker ‘zones’ (across servers preferably). Imagine I say I have 3 zones foo, bar, baz. In zone foo I want process a,b & c to all be able to communicate. By example I have an application that needs ‘mongo’, I create a mongo […]

Why pulling private image in Pod is not working in Kubernetes Registry addon?

I am very new to Kubernetes and I setup Kubernetes Registry addons just copy and pasting the yaml from Kubernetes Registry Addon just a small change in ReplicationController with emptyDir apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: name: kube-registry-v0 namespace: kube-system labels: k8s-app: kube-registry-upstream version: v0 kubernetes.io/cluster-service: “true” spec: replicas: 1 selector: k8s-app: kube-registry-upstream version: v0 template: […]

Faster deploy of a docker image?

My question is – what are the current best practices for this specific workflow: create an instance with DigitalOcean use it a a kubernates minion download image from docker hub If I understand it right, the main bottleneck is downloading image from docker hub. Is there a way to make this process faster? Anything else […]

Jobs scheduling in Google Container Engine (Kubernetes)

I’m trying to create a Kubernetes scheduled job, however, I noticed that: On Kubernetes versions >= v1.4 it’s called ScheduledJob (http://janetkuo.github.io/docs/user-guide/scheduled-jobs/) On Kubernetes versions >= v1.5 it’s called *CronJob (http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/cron-jobs/) The default Kubernetes version running on Google Container Engine is v1.4.6 which means I should use ScheduledJob objects. The problem is that ScheduledJob uses the […]

Using env vars in a docker cmd?

I have this line in my Dockerfile: CMD [“rqworker”, “–host=$REDIS_MASTER_SERVICE_HOST”] REDIS_MASTER_SERVICE_HOST is set by Kubernetes, and works fine when accessed within my python app. I need to point rqworker to it, but it doesn’t seem to be expanded: redis.exceptions.ConnectionError: Error -2 connecting to $REDIS_MASTER_SERVICE_HOST:6379. Name or service not known. How can I get docker to […]

How to read all data inside volume from kubernetes master

Is there a way to read the actual data inside volumes from kubernetes master, nodes or even another client? If yes, what is the response data format? It seems the REST API only provides list, create and delete volumes. Thanks.

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