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How do I connect to a docker container running on a different host on a mac?

I have set up docker on my Mac using Kinematic. I have a mysql container running. So, the ‘schematic’, I believe, looks like this: (Mac1 (VirtualBox Docker Host (MySQL Container))). Mac1 IP: MySQL Container: running on port 32500 (mapped to 3306) I can access the MySQL server via from Mac1 without any […]

Is MariaDB data lost after Docker setting change?

I’ve setup a basic MariaDB instance running in Docker – basically from starting the container using the Kitematic UI, changing the settings, and letting it run. Today, I wanted to make a backup, so I used Kitematic to change the port so I could access it from a machine to make automated backups. After changing […]

Intranet name resolution in docker container

I use docker beta (version 1.12.0-rc3-beta18 build: 9996) on OS X (10.11.5) for learning docker. I installed jetbrains/teamcity-server as docker container and two agents (on the same OSX machine and on Win 10 client). The Git repositories are on own local server (TFS 2015 Update 2). If use the git-Address with the IP-Address, all works […]

Docker + Kitematic NAT container

I’ve Docker with docker tools in my OSX (host). When I run any container, for example nginx-docker, I can access from host with IP (for example). But my LAN is, If I want that a friend connect to my nginx-docker server through my public IP. I can’t NAT container IP ( in my […]

install docker on network drive

I have docker installed on a Latop and attempted to install a container on a network folder( hosted on a NAS4FREE machine) connected to it via AFP/SMB The installation using kinematic yield this log file which based on the read out means I have some invalid file permissions So I went ahead and made the […]

Kitematic docker config yml

I spawned one docker container using kitematic. I was following another tutorial related to a specific deployment need and want access to the yml file which contains the settings. Can anybody help me know where does Kitematic store yml dockerfile corresponding to a docker container?

How to build an image with Dockerfile in Kitematic?

Is there anyway to build an image with Dockerfile while using Kitematic?

Kitematic spins up new containers, but none of them showing up in Terminal

New to Docker, have learned to build and run containers, however I’ve found it much easier to look at individual ports and whether they’re exposed and/or mapped to my local ones in Kitematic. When I started I was able to build and run containers and enter them with docker build, docker run, and docker exec, […]

Access Kitematic (docker) apache website over port 80

Using Kitematic I have created an Apache webserver and am able to access it over port 32769. Port 32769 works for these scenarios: (VirtualBox VM) (home network. Configured VM to forward Host 32769 to Guest (no ip) 32769) (public IP. Configured router to forward 32769 to Port 80 works for […]

Docker container from docker cloud on windows

I’ve some repositories on docker cloud. I build and deploy it on my home ubuntu server and that work well. On my home server, I can access these services with their url (like http://registry:8761). I’m trying to run my service on Kitematic on Windows, all of my services are running on localhost, so my configuration […]

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