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Dockerized Jenkins and Sonarqube – Link to analysis in project incorrect

I’m running Jenkins and SonarQube in containers on Debian. The Jenkins image is started with the options –link sonar:sonar where sonar is the name of the running Sonar container. Hence, Jenkins’s /ets/hosts contains a hostname entry pointing to the ip of the dockerized Sonar. In the Sonar-config section (in Jenkins), sonar:9000 is entered as the […]

Issue with the NPM

When I try to run the build, it uses NPM and Bower dependencies. It uses bower dependencies and it fails at any point (as its the random pick of the bower dependencies). Some dependencies works perfect and some fails to clone. When I try to run the build again the failed dependency will clone and […]

{“message”:“No such image: jenkins_slave_1:latest”}

I have this error: Sep 28, 2016 7:07:57 AM INFO com.github.kostyasha.yad.DockerCloud provision Asked to provision load: ‘1’, for: ‘docker-slave’ label Sep 28, 2016 7:07:57 AM INFO com.github.kostyasha.yad.DockerCloud provision Will provision ‘jenkins_slave_1’, for label: ‘docker-slave’, in cloud: ‘Local DockerHost’ Sep 28, 2016 7:07:57 AM INFO com.github.kostyasha.yad.DockerCloud addProvisionedSlave Provisioning ‘jenkins_slave_1’ number ‘0’ on ‘Local DockerHost’; Total containers: […]

Jenkins docker plugin with docker slaves

I’m running on docker 1.12.0, a docker image containing OpenJdk 8, Jenkins 1.609.3 and the following jenkins plugins: jclouds-jenkins 2.8.1-1 token-macro 1.12.1 durable-task 1.12 docker-plugin 0.16.1 ssh-slaves 1.9 and another docker image as a jenkins slave. When running a job that should execute on my docker jenkins slave, I have the following exception SEVERE: Error […]

jenkins and docker-build-step-plugin configuration

Everything went fine until having updated docker-build-step-plugin. After that, my job dumps me the message I dump bellow. I’ve took a look on Global Cofiguration Tool and I’ve realized my old Docker configuration has benn removed and appears another empty one which is nothing to do with the older one. I don’t quite to figure […]

For every build , how to spin up Jenkins slave container that has a docker host on it

For each build, I would ideally want to spin up a Jenkins container that lasts till the build. Each Jenkins container which was spun must indeed spin up containers within itself. I understand that i would need a docker host to be running inside my Jenkins container. I know there are Jenkins plugins. But i’m […]

Cleaning docker containers via jenkins shell on slave

We have a scenario where we build a product that uses multiple docker images and containers. Our Jenkins environment builds the individual components, packages them in containers, and then (usually) deploys them to test instances. Unfortunately, getting these test instances to be clean has become a problem that I’m having trouble solving. Slaves are ubuntu […]

Passing interpolated environment variables in Jenkinsfile

I’m trying to pass some values as env variables for my rails app’s database.yml to pick up. I start a mysql docker container and pass the container id into a ruby container, prefixes with an underscore (because env vars can’t start with a number. Docker then creates some env vars, one which I’m interested in […]

What is Docker URL

I am building a gradle project in Jenkins. and client has asked to build the project in docker image. i am new to Jenkins and docker(i am able to build the project normally on Jenkins) i have installed the docker plugin and now it asks for DOCKER URL and Docker API under cloud settings. what […]

docker build taking too much time in aws ecs

I have setup master and slave configuration of jenkins on aws ecs. Written a job that will build docker images and push to ecr. So each time the job builds it is taking the same amount of time approx to 10 min. My jenkins master is running on container and and have used Amazon EC2 […]

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