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How to launch an app via Docker on every Pull Request?

I run Jenkins and my app is dockerized, i.e. when I run the container it exposes port 3000 and I can point my browser there. On every Github PR I would like to deploy that git commit to a running container somewhere and have Jenkins post back to the PR the link where it can […]

the input device is not a TTY

I am running the following command from my Jenkinsfile, however, I get the error the input device is not a TTY docker run -v $PWD:/foobar -it cloudfoundry/cflinuxfs2 /foobar/script.sh Is there a way to run the script from the Jenkinsfile without doing interactive mode. I basically have a file called script.sh that I would like to […]

using docker plugin on jenkins –

I’m trying to use the docker plugin on Jenkins to run an instance of an existing container. Docker version 1.6.0, build 4749651 I’ve chosen “create container” Entered the image id for the image name, and tried a host and also tried an empty host. I keep getting this error: ERROR: Build step failed with […]

Jenkins Docker Pipeline Exit Code -1

We have a Jenkinsfile that uses the docker plugin to run a script inside a given container. This works fine for some images, but fails immediately with a -1 exit code on others. We’ve reduced the error down to a simple sleep. This is the Jenkinsfile: node(“docker”) { def wheezy_image = docker.image(“pyca/cryptography-runner-wheezy”) wheezy_image.pull() wheezy_image.inside { […]

How to enable SCM polling with the Jenkins Pipeline plugin

This is a question related to How to make SCM polling work with the Jenkins Workflow plugin. That thread answers how to use SCM polling in a pipeline script once SCM polling is enabled but does not cover how to enable SCM polling. For example, if you wanted to use the mulit-branch pipeline plugin to […]

Jenkins Github Plugin can't choose my credentials

Very strange behavior that has never happened before, when I try to configure Github server in Jenkins general configs to set up webhooks auto, the drop down menu don’t displays my registered credentials, I was always be able to do that but suddenly I don’t know what’s happens, I tried to uninstall the plugin, restarting […]

Does Jenkins Pipeline Plug-in support Docker Compose?

I’m looking for a way to run Docker-enabled build consisting of multiple containers in Jenkins 2.0. Are there any plans for native support of Docker Compose in Pipeline, or through CloudBees docker plugins for pipeline. Or can/must this be addressed by explicit calls sh docker-compose…? Maybe even use them inside try… finally to further control […]

Is it ok to run docker from inside docker?

I’m running Jenkins inside a Docker container. I wonder if it’s ok for the Jenkins container to also be a Docker host? What I’m thinking about is to start a new docker container for each integration test build from inside Jenkins (to start databases, message brokers etc). The containers should thus be shutdown after the […]

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