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Setup secured Jenkins master with docker

I would like to set up a secured Jenkins master server on ec2 with docker. I’m using standard jenkins docker file from here: https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/jenkins/ By default it opens an unsecured 8080 http port. However I want it to use a standard 443 port with https (at first I want to use self-signed ssl certificate). I […]

How does ENTRYPOINT Docker directive react when extending images

I want to know does react the ENTRYPOINT instruction from Dockerfiles when heritage happens : Let’s say for example I have an image called : jenkins FROM java:8-jdk RUN … ENTRYPOINT [“/bin/tini”, “–“, “/usr/local/bin/jenkins.sh”] By running this image, the ENTRYPOINT directive will start and install the application as expected Let’s say now that I want […]

Jenkins: Can't connect to Docker daemon

I am running Jenkins and Docker on a CentOS machine. I have a Jenkins job that pulls a Github repo and builds a Docker image. When I try running the job I get the error: + docker build -t myProject . Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host? […]

Where to keep Dockerfile's in a project?

I am gaining knowledge about Docker and I have the following questions Where are Dockerfile’s kept in a project? Are they kept together with the source? Are they kept outside of the source? Do you have an own Git repository just for the Dockerfile? If the CI server should create a new image for each […]

Setting build args for dockerfile agent using a Jenkins declarative pipeline

I’m using the declarative pipeline syntax to do some CI work inside a docker container. I’ve noticed that the Docker plugin for Jenkins runs a container using the user id and group id of the jenkins user in the host (ie if the jenkins user has user id 100 and group id 111 it would […]

How to run google chrome headless in docker?

My problem is how run google chrome in docker container for e2e testing , i make an Dockerfile from official jenkins image, but when try run google chrome this crash and show the next error Failed to move to new namespace: PID namespaces supported, Network namespace supported, but failed: errno = Operation not permitted Trace/breakpoint […]

How to find docker rest api url?

I have installed the docker build step plugin for jenkins. The documentation is telling me: Name :Choose a name for this Docker cloud provider Docker URL :The URL to use to access your Docker server API (e.g: How can I find my url to the rest api (I have docker installed on my host)

Installing Jenkins Plugins to Docker Jenkins

I have the following Dockerfile with jenkins as the base image: FROM jenkins USER root ENV JENKINS_MIRROR http://mirrors.jenkins-ci.org RUN for plugin in git-client git ws-cleanup ; do wget -O $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/${plugin}.hpi $JENKINS_MIRROR/plugins/${plugin}/latest/${plugin}.hpi ; done EXPOSE 8080 I’m trying to install some additional plugins but it gives me an error saying no such file or directory I […]

Jenkins using docker: How to run tests?

I am creating a jenkins test environment using docker for CI. I have a container with jenkins installed and all the jobs moved from my previous jenkins. Now am stuck with this issue where I need to run tests that require DB and PHP unit. I don’t want to install these in my jenkins container […]

Jenkins in docker with access to host docker

I have a workflow as follows for publishing webapps to my dev server. The server has a single docker host and I’m using docker-compose for managing containers. Push changes in my app to a private gitlab (running in docker). The app includes a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml Gitlab triggers a jenkins build (jenkins is also running […]

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