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Jenkins: DirectoryNotEmptyException: …/lastSuccessful

We are running Jenkins 1.651.1 in a Docker container. On a certain moment we decided to move our containers to another environment. We have a cron job which creates backups of the volume of our container: tar -cvpzf jenkins-backup.tar -C jenkins-volume/_data/ . –exclude “.m2” On the new environment we created a new jenkins docker volume: […]

Setting up jenkins with docker and bundler

So i seem to be getting nowhere fast when trying to get bundler set up with jenkins using docker, setting up jenkins is fine, no problems there, but I can’t figure out how to get bundler accessible FROM jenkins USER root RUN gpg –keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net –recv-keys D39DC0E3 RUN /bin/bash -l -c “curl -L get.rvm.io | […]

Gradle under Docker – Could not open cp_proj remapped class cache

I’ve installed Jenkins 2.6 as a docker container on a Windows 2012 Server machine. I have created a project that checks out a project from git. I’ve configured a build step that does a build using gradle wrapper 2.13 The gradle command fails with: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: A […]

Custom Docker Repository URL for Artifactory and Jenkins

I’m trying to get the Docker Build and Publish plugin working on our Jenkins instance. The Docker image is getting built correctly, but I’m having issues with getting this image pushed to our Artifactory Docker Repository. The Artifactory repository is hosted at https://instance.company.com/artifactory/test-docker-build When I look in the logs for the build, it fails to […]

Where is jenkins.xml in jenkins docker container

We are using jenkins inside docker (version: FROM jenkins:1.651.1). We have problems with the html publisher plugin which isn’t executing javascript by default. The same issue as described here. We want to change our jenkins.xml (just like they said) to change it’s configuration. The problem is the fact we can’t find it inside our container. […]

run docker commands in non-interactive shell

I’m running docker from Jenkins and the console output is not reflecting the actual state of operation because docker is using interactive shell. How can I make docker output to stdout in non-interactive mode? (similar to mvn -B flag). Thanks!

Building Go app with “vendor” directory on Jenkins with Docker

I’m trying to set up a Jenkins Pipeline to build and deploy my first Go project using a Jenkinsfile and docker.image().inside . I can’t figure out how to get go to pick up the dependencies in the vendor/ directory. When I run the build, I get a bunch of errors: + goapp test ./… src/dao/demo_dao.go:8:2: […]

What are benefits of having jenkins master in a docker container?

I saw couple of tutorials on continuous deployment (on docker.com, on codecentric.de, on devopscube.com). Overall I saw two approaches: Set two types of jenkins server (master and slave). Master is in a docker container and slave on the host machine. Jenkins server in docker container. They set up the link to the host and using […]

docker doesn't get the latest images with tag latest

in my Dockerfile i have FROM jenkins:latest When I used it to build an image i’ve got some version from that moment (1.642.5). Now months later i want to rebuild the image with an updated jenkins version. I dropped (docker rmi) the image and rebuild (even with –no-cache=true) but still that old version is used […]

Passing Masked Jenkins Environment Variable to Docker container

I have a password parameter set in my Jenkins build containing some information I want kept secret. The Jenkins build will create a Docker container which needs access to this parameter. Currently, my command looks like such: docker run -e PASSWORD=${PASSWORD} my_image my_command This works as I expected it to–the PASSWORD parameter I have set […]

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