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Jenkins ANT scripting: Save file with timestamp

I’m trying to create a Jenkins job with target as an sh file. This sh file fires up commands on a Linux VM to save a docker image with timestamp in its name. How do I create a build xml and a properties file for this? I’m new to Jenkins and ANT scripting. Can anyone […]

sharing docker.sock or docker in docker (dind)

We’re running a mesos cluster and jenkins for continuous integration workflow. Jenkins is configured with the mesos plugin. Previously we built our docker images in mesos containers. Now we are switching to docker containers for building our docker images. I’ve been searching for the advantage of building our docker images inside a docker container with […]

Docker CLI in Freestyle Build Shell

I’d like to run the postgres docker image instead of the postgres binary provided by cloudbees due to the lack of uuid and postgis support. However, the only two docker plugins I have access to are CloudBees Docker Custom Build Environment Plugin and Docker Commons Plugin. I’d like to avoid the extra complexity associated with […]

Jenkins + Docker – How To Deal With Versions

I’ve got Jenkins set up to do 2 things in 2 separate jobs: Build an executable jar and push to Ivy repo Build a docker image, pulling in the jar from the Ivy repo, and push image to a private docker registry During step 1 the jar will have some version which will be appended […]

How to deploy to a java microservice to docker container after a successful jenkins build?

I have setup a build pipeline in jenkins using the build pipeline plugin. The second step of the pipeline is to deploy to a dev environment. As I have micro services, I want to deploy each micro service in a docker container. I have manually configured the container already to run these microservices but now […]

Docker: Running multiple applications VS running multiple containers

I am trying to run Wildfly, Jenkins and Postgresql in Docker container(s). As far as I could understand from articles I’ve read, the Docker way is to have each application run in a different container. Is my assumption correct or is it better to have only one container containing these three applications?

User/pw/email Authentication for Cloudbees Docker Build and Deploy Jenkins plugin

I’ve been try to use the Cloudbees Build and Deploy plugin to push a docker image to our private dockerhub repository. The documentation shows a credential type that takes user/email and pw. When I try to setup a new Jenkins credential, I do not see this option. (Just the regular user/pw) I’m using Jenkins 1.609.3, […]

Docker fails to start container occasionally with error “lstat /dev/dm-1: no such file or directory”

I have a Jenkins data pipeline and will invoke start 40 docker containers every day. Every now and then (about every 5 days) one of these 40 containers failed to start itself and had some weird messages as below: time=”2015-04-29T03:09:31-07:00″ level=”fatal” msg=”Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 9d9b2b12654731aceb69279e18f083e337456a13ffbb2ffc8426932fdf22c323: lstat /dev/dm-1: no such file or […]

How do you deploy to JBoss EAP sitting within a running docker container using the jboss-as-maven-plugin?

I have adopted a number of maven projects, and would like to move from deploying them to a VM housing JBoss and a VM housing the Database, to a docker setup similar to this However rather than copying the war across in the Dockerfile, we require to move it across to the running container using […]

Docker raise an error when tried to create a data volume

I am trying to use a container to create a Jenkins server. I do my first test creating the container without share or create any data volume. But later I tried to create a data volume for the directory /var/jenkins_home and at this moment the docker daemon raise it error: Usage of loopback devices is […]

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