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dockerized Jenkins is crashing when running jest unit test

I have a few npm projects that use JestJS for unit testing. For some reason, the command npm run test make crash and restart my (official) Jenkins container. I have checked the log stderr and stdout and I don’t see any trace of errors. How can I upgrade the log level of Jenkins ? What […]

Jenkins container docker push error failed to response

I ran Jenkins in Docker container with image jenkins:latest. Plugin docker-build-step was installed. Docker build procedure looks good but something goes wrong when it did docker push: docker push error Docker Builder was configured in the System Configuration as below: Docker Builder Config the IP is the host IP address from the jenkins container’s […]

Use toaster to view yocto builds

Currenlty we’re working on a project that has a jenkins container and a toaster container running on the same AWS instance. Our Jenkins container has access to docker on the instance and creates an image from a Yocto dockerfile which will git clone and then checkout krogoth and eventually use bitbake to build it. We […]

Selenium chrome crashes in jenkins slave

Im trying to run UI tests using selenium in headless mode. I see the chrome is browser is crashing whenever i try to load the driver. Here are the traceback. Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/behave/model.py”, line 1456, in run match.run(runner.context) File “/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/behave/model.py”, line 1903, in run self.func(context, *args, **kwargs) File “steps/collectorUi.py”, line 35, […]

How to expose a docker machine to an internal network

I’ve created a docker container And I tried a lot of methods to expose it to my internal network by : 1-Bridging the lan connection on my docker VBox machine but had no luck 2-Bashing into the container itself and binging any machine within the network Worked fine but opening the /etc/hosts file showed an […]

Where store an API Token for Jenkins used in Dockerfile

I need to retrieve an Artifact from my Jenkins to setup a Docker-Image. My Jenkins needs an authentication which can be passed with wget via wget –auth-no-challenge –http-user=user –http-password=apiToken –secure-protocol=TLSv1 http://jenkins.yourcompany.com/job/your_job/build?token=TOKEN as seen here Now I need to pass the api token to my Dockerfile. As far as the Dockerfile is public accessible I don’t […]

How to change jenkins volume on docker kitematic

I’m trying to change the Jenkins default host volume from Docker Kitematic but whenever I try to do so I get below error Note: I’m using Docker toolbox And I have added the required new volume path to the Docker Virtual Box machine Shared folders

How to install docker in Jenkins without root privileges?

I don`t have root privileges. Jenkins and tomcat installed via wget command on Ubuntu 16. How to install docker in Jenkins without root privileges?

Jenkins – Pipeline (Amazon EC2 Container Service Plugin)

I just started to use Jenkins and Pipeline, and I’m using it with Jenkins Amazon EC2 Container Service Plugin. Everything works fine so far, I declared the agent that I need to use it for my build, it starts the docker image to make a build and finish it once the task is done. However, […]

I am able to fetch the URL from Rancher Stack using Putty. How do I fetch the same URL from a Rancher Stack using shell commands in Jenkins

setenv RANCHER_SECRET_KEY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx setenv RANCHER_ACCESS_KEY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx setenv RANCHER_URL http://xxxxxxxx.xxxxx.com:8080 cd /local/mnt/workspace/username/xxxxxxx/ make cluster-up mak‚Äče idcluster | tail -1 | cut -d’ ‘ -f1 output: I need the same URL as output from Pre steps build of Jenkins. I am able to do this manually from Putty.

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