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Jenkins and docker-compose

I’m trying to use docker-compose on a jenkins build. But I get : docker-compose: not found How I have to do for install docker-compose ? It’s a plugin, or I have to modify the docker image of jenkins ? I use jenkins:1.642.4 Thank you !

Jenkinsfile custom docker container “could not find FROM instruction”

I have just started working with Jenkinsfiles and Docker so apologies if this is something obvious. I have a repo containing a Dockerfile and a Jenkins file. The Dockerfile simply extends a base Ubuntu image (ubuntu:trusty) by adding several dependencies and build tools. The Jenkinsfile currently only builds the Docker container for me: node(‘docker’) { […]

Docker build in Jenkins

When running job with Docker build and publish I get exception Please find the exception below git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10 git checkout -f 82bb778d55f0a9a5020c23aa5dfa62db79de2e28 git rev-list 82bb778d55f0a9a5020c23aa5dfa62db79de2e28 # timeout=10 [example] $ docker build -t adithi11/demo-example:v9 –pull=true /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/workspace/example ERROR: Cannot run program “docker” (in directory “/Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/workspace/example”): error=2, No such file or directory java.io.IOException: Cannot run […]

How to create docker image from jenkins running on docker

I wanted to practice CI/CD with docker. There are many discussion going on this topic. But I’m very new these technologies I would grateful if someone can help me I created my jenkins server on docker using AWS Ec2 instance. I want to create my web application container from a jenkin job. How do I […]

Passing environmental variables when deploying docker to remote host

I am having some trouble with my docker containers and environment variables. Currently i have a docker-compose.yml with the following defined: version: ‘2.1’ services: some-service: build: context: . image: image/replacedvalues ports: – 8080 environment: – PROFILE=acc – ENVA – ENVB – TZ=Europe/Berlin some-service-acc: extends: service: some-service environment: – SERVICE_NAME=some-service-acc Now when i deploy this manually […]

How to stop power shell script on error?

I have bellow script $ErrorActionPreference = “Stop”; while($true) { try { Write-Host “Step 1”; Dir C:\arts #Error Write-Host “Step 2”; exit 0 break; } catch { “Error in ” + $_.InvocationInfo.ScriptName + ” at line: ” + $_.InvocationInfo.ScriptLineNumber + “, offset: ” + $_.InvocationInfo.OffsetInLine + “.”; $Error exit 1 break; } } It stops on […]

Docker Cloud Automated builds

I am trying to understand a main differences between automated builds via Docker Cloud and other CI servers like Jenkins, Circle… From my understandings through Docker Cloud I could link Github repo and trigger web hooks on particular branch changes. Doing so, with a proper configuration DockerCloud automatically run, test and build my image and […]

docker build inside official jenkins container

I run official Jenkins container on docker. I need to build docker image as post action of successful build, but Jenkins container doesn’t have docker binary. I see couple options, first as deriving my own Jenkins container from official image with docker binary available. Second option is to use dedicated Jenkins slave with docker and […]

What starts this docker process on my laptop?

Every time I boot up my Lubuntu 16.04 laptop I can see I have a running docker container: $ ps -ef | grep docker root 1724 1 3 21:17 ? 00:01:30 /usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// root 1774 1724 0 21:17 ? 00:00:04 docker-containerd -l unix:///var/run/docker/libcontainerd/docker-containerd.sock –metrics-interval=0 –start-timeout 2m –state-dir /var/run/docker/libcontainerd/containerd –shim docker-containerd-shim –runtime docker-runc root 4750 […]

Cannot connect to Jenkins docker container running inside Vagrant on Mac

I am running Vagrant on Mac – to spin out an Ubuntu VM. Docker is installed on the Ubuntu VM. I pulled down the Jenkins container using : docker pull jenkins and started it by saying : docker run -p 8080:8080 –name=jenkins-master jenkins. However,I am unable to connect to Jenkins from the browser on port […]

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