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Jenkins docker cache not working

I’m trying to build a docker file under jenkins docker build . Here is my docker file: # DOCKER-VERSION 0.10.0 FROM docker-index.my.com/ruby:1.9.3 MAINTAINER my.com # Never install a ruby gem docs RUN echo “gem: –no-rdoc –no-ri” >> ~/.gemrc RUN mkdir /my_app WORKDIR /my_app RUN gem install bundler RUN gem install bluepill ADD Gemfile /my_app/Gemfile ADD […]

How to add native docker-compose to official Jenkins image

I am using official Jenkins image: https://hub.docker.com/_/jenkins/ I wonder which is the best approach to add native docker-compose to it. For a full continuous integration system I need Jenkins to start Gradle+docker+docker-compose applications but, unlike with Docker plugins, docker-image plugins for Gradle act just as docker-compose frontend, needing it to be native installed. I will […]

Docker maven and jenkins, mvn install failed requesting junit:junit:jar:3.x

I have a maven 3.2.5 docker image and a jenkins image built from the maven image. Maven image Dockerfile: from dockerfile/java:oracle-java7 ENV MAVEN_VERSION 3.2.5 RUN curl -sSL http://mirror.bit.edu.cn/apache/maven/maven-3/$MAVEN_VERSION/binaries/apache-maven-$MAVEN_VERSION-bin.tar.gz | tar xzf – -C /usr/share \ && mv /usr/share/apache-maven-$MAVEN_VERSION /usr/share/maven \ && ln -s /usr/share/maven/bin/mvn /usr/bin/mvn #ADD settings.xml /usr/share/maven/conf/ ENV MAVEN_HOME /usr/share/maven CMD [“mvn”] Jenkins Dockerfile: […]

Jenkins Docker plugin is not showing the Tag-on-completion checkbox

I am using the Jenkins Docker Plugin. I am supposed to see the Tag-on-completion checkbox with so that the images will be retained in docker. Reference: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Docker+Plugin However in my Jenkins, do not see the Tag-on-completion checkbox.

Docker container delete from Jenkins hangs

I tried today to configure my nodes in Jenkins with with docker 1.3.1, and Jenkins docker plugin v0.8. The docker containers started successfully from jenkins but jenkins rejected them as the there were some echos in my bashrc. I deleted these nodes manually from Docker server. Now, I need to delete these nodes from jenkins […]

Can't attach volume to docker with jenkins through fig

I try setup sonarqube and jenkins through one fig config. But can’t attach volume to docker with jenkins through. Can somebody help? In this way container run correctly: docker run -p 8080:8080 -v /opt/jenkins_home:/var/jenkins_home shami13fastpool/fastpool-jenkins fig.yml: postgresql: image: orchardup/postgresql:latest environment: – POSTGRESQL_USER=sonar – POSTGRESQL_PASS=sonar – POSTGRESQL_DB=sonar volumes: – /opt/db/sonarqube/:/var/lib/postgresql ports: – “5432:5432” sonarqube: image: harbur/sonarqube:latest […]

Build Docker image only if Code Repository has been updated (Jenkins)

Currently, in a Jenkins job, I build a Docker image with files from a git repository. When this repository is changed/updated I would like to either: Be able to detect this in Jenkins so I can change my Bash script to rebuild the Docker image from my Dockerfile Find some other method of building my […]

Jenkins and docker plugin: Problems to launch container

I have installed docker-plugin and configured it like in docker plugin instructions and used evarga/jenkins-slave image and custom images ( and tried with sshkeys and username&password credentials ) but i cannot run job. Connection test to docker cloud works but when i launch jenkins job it fails always like below. Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/docker_test ERROR: […]

architechtetural thoughts about dockerizing the exsting services

we are in the process of dockerizing existing services those use kafka, storm and the expectation is use to create dockerized builds by integrating with jenkins . I happened to look at a couple of articles http://blog.howareyou.com/post/62157486858/continuous-delivery-with-docker-and-jenkins-part, they are helpful. I wanted to know the experiences with docker and how much time it took for […]

Jenkins build parameter not working in quotes

I’m trying to issue a jenkins shell command with docker looks like this: docker run -v ${env.param1}:/workspace –privileged=true app sh -c ‘python app.py –option ${env.param1}’ …and the result looks like this: docker run -v actual.param1:/workspace –privileged=true app sh -c ‘cd folder && python app.py –option ${env.param2}’ The first environment parameter ${env.param1} is successfully replaced with […]

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