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get node port from test running in selenium docker hub

Is there a way to get the node port from the web driver? I have an interface where it shows me the processes running in the nodes of the hub, for debug purposes. In the final product I want to have a button VIEW that opens , programmatically, the vnc viewer on that node. I […]

deploying .war on docker container running tomcat

I’ve been trying to deploy a webapp on a docker container image, I’m using tutum/tomcat. After I run the container and try to deploy the war file using /manager/html it shows me the following error message: FAIL – Application at context path /1.0 could not be started FAIL – Encountered exception org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException: Failed to start […]

Dockerizing java app

I’m a beginner in docker and I have one question. I have downloaded boot2docker which is running on oracle virtual box. When I did ssh on boot2docker and created a directory where I keep my simple app in java (file with code with .java extension is enough? ). How should I include that directory in […]

How do you deploy to JBoss EAP sitting within a running docker container using the jboss-as-maven-plugin?

I have adopted a number of maven projects, and would like to move from deploying them to a VM housing JBoss and a VM housing the Database, to a docker setup similar to this However rather than copying the war across in the Dockerfile, we require to move it across to the running container using […]

Running JAXB/XJC in Dockerfile yields in GConf Error

I’m using docker in combination with a Java project that is compiled during the build process. Now I’m trying to generate Java code based on Collada XML schema version 1.5 by calling following shell script inside the Dockerfile: BASEDIR=$(dirname $0) xjc $BASEDIR/schema/collada/collada-schema-1.5.xsd \ -d $BASEDIR/knowrob_vis/src/main/java \ -p org.knowrob.vis.collada \ -extension $BASEDIR/schema/simpleMode.xsd Unfortunately, this yields in […]

How to add PostgreSQL datasource to WildFly Full 9.0.1.Final?

I am trying to use postgres in WildFly Full 9.0.1.Final. Unfortunately, for a task that should be simple, we have had 2 people trying for days to figure out how to make this work. I should add that I am using Docker, and as I build the docker image I am trying various ways to […]

Improving java web app deployment process inside a docker container

Lets say I have a bunch of assembled wars each of those is about 80-100 MB. I have created images for all of them based on Tomcat:8-jre8 official image and basically each of those images only contain tomcat with his dependencies and my war file. Normally when deploying one of those apps onto a server […]

Automation of docker pull via scala

Env: AMI RHEL FEDORA I wrote a script file to pull latest image from private repo / registry. When execute the script from bash file it works fine. I tried to do the same from scala (sampleservice) val p = Process( path+ “execFile.sh” , Some(new File( path + execndir))) Note : execFile.sh permission is root […]

How to detemine the docker entrypoint with snapshot builds?

Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate question. It probably is, but I can’t find what I’m looking for. We have a CI pipeline that uses gradle to build our Java project, and we need to dockerize it. As part of the pipeline, the software version is constantly being updated. So, when we copy […]

Possible to run Google Standard Managed VM Locally with Docker for Development?

Is it possible to run a Google Standard Managed VM for Java locally for development purposes? I am asking cause dev_appserver.py, mvn gcloud:run or gcloud preview app run are good for a simple hello world application, but anything bigger than that doesn’t work… (single threaded, timeout, etc…).

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