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Process For Code Development With Hadoop And Docker

I took a course a while back in Hadoop and a VM was setup with everything installed and I was able to use Intellij to write the java code to do MapReduce jobs. That was all great but I wanted to learn MapReduce and beyond to a greater detail so I was interested in setting […]

Docker Performance Testing

We have an Artifactory endpoint which we want to performance test. For that we want to inject load of multiple Docker image files to the Artifactory server. What is the best way to create such multiple image file load? Ideally we would like to tie this in to JMeter so that JMeter itself can upload […]

process exit code 127 while running a bash script by java service in docker

I am running this script from java code in docker and exit code of the process is 127. process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(commands); // commands is an array with script name and other variables defined in the script. process.waitFor(); openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -in $ENCRYPTED_TARBALL -out $OUTPUT_TAR -K $password I made sure that openssl is installed in […]

JRebel & Docker bean initializing error

I am deploying my apllication using JBoss running on Docker. When I run script for building and running image one of beans is still making troubles: ServerService Thread Pool — 100| ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] – Context initialization failed: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘applicationValidatorService’: Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘applicationValidator’ while setting constructor argument; nested […]

How to connect to a remote Docker container via JMX

I have a Spring Boot application running in a container on a remote machine, which JVM parameters I have to use to connect to it through Java Mission Control or JVisual VM (via JMX)?

how to access a webapp deploy folder for deployed war, docker

I have a docker container which extends FROM tomcat:7.0.75-jre8 It downloads geoserver 2.10.2 war, and deploys to tomcat. All is well… however… I need to access the deploy folder within tomcat’s webapps folder in order to add extensions such as mysql db plugin, oracle db plugin oracle jdbc driver etc. this needs to happen automated […]

grails/mysql with docker compose

I am trying to run a grails app in docker and keep running in some mysql connection problems. I can’t figure out where the problem is. This is my docker-compose file version: “2” services: db: image: mysql:5.7 volumes: – db_data:/var/lib/mysql restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root2017 MYSQL_DATABASE: dbname MYSQL_USER: Dbuser MYSQL_PASSWORD: passw grails: depends_on: – db […]

Gitlab CI Artifacts Permanently Moved Error 301?

I just finished setting up Gitlab Ci to use a Docker container with Maven 3 and Java 8 to build my project. The build successfully completes however when I try to save the generated jar file as an artifact, Docker tells me the artifact has been permanently moved….directly after finding the jar file. This one […]

Small binary file is changed on building Docker image using spotify maven plugin

I’m using spotify’s docker–maven-plugin for building a docker image. More exactly this one: <groupId>com.spotify</groupId> <artifactId>docker-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>0.4.13</version> My development machine has a Windows 7, so I’m running docker machine with version docker-machine version 0.9.0, build 15fd4c7 Docker version is this Client: Version: 1.13.1 API version: 1.26 Go version: go1.7.5 Git commit: 092cba3 Built: Wed Feb 8 […]

connection issues between apacheds and tomcat docker containers

Our java web application running in tomcat container needs connection with apacheds container on port 10389 which has error as depicted in below screenshots. Tomcat container is running on 8080 and apacheds on 10389 This is the apacheds container where we tried connecting to tomcat port 8080 which is expose in running tomcat container which […]

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