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Docker image builds, but doesn't run

I am trying to create a docker build for libreplan, using the install instructions here. The dockerfile is FROM tomcat:6 RUN apt-get -yq update && apt-get -yq install \ cutycapt \ patch \ postgresql-client \ libpg-java \ xvfb # Prepare webapp location RUN mkdir -p /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/libreplan # Get WAR file RUN wget -q -O /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/libreplan/libreplan.war […]

How to mount Hadoop HDFS

I am trying to mount Hadoop HDFS that I have set up in Google engine in a docker container running Ubuntu 14.04. Can anyone show me the necessary steps? I have tried to following some poor guides on the internet but it seems like all the packages are broken. I will add 500 bounty to […]

How to execute .jar from pom.xml from cloned project in Dockerfile

I have this in my Dockerfile: FROM maven:3.3-jdk-8-alpine RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app WORKDIR /usr/src/app RUN apk add –no-cache curl tar bash wget git RUN git clone https://MyProfile@bitbucket.org/MyProfile/myproject.git RUN cd myproject WORKDIR /usr/src/app/myproject ONBUILD ADD . / ONBUILD RUN mvn install EXPOSE 4568 CMD [“java”,”-jar”,”/usr/src/app/myproject/target/ReadDocFile.jar”] I was able to figure out how to install pom from […]

Jersey UniformInterfaceException when doing a POST with docker-client

When trying to post a RESTful Service via docker-client to my private docker registry i get that error. The confusing thing about that is that the input stream changes itself as you can see here. Its made somewhere in the background of jersey but i cannot find the cause for it. I guess the problem […]

Maven build, test and run on a docker machine

It’s probably too soon to ask this question but I hope someone has already had the same problem as me. I have to build a jar that run on a centos7, openjdk-7 machine. I created a docker machine in a ridiculously short time 🙂 but my issue is more a maven one. My questions is […]

mkdir command with docker

Inside my docker container, this command mkdir -p -m 755 directoryName creates a directory (Blue File) at the given path. However, outside docker, when I attempt to create a directory with the same command mkdir -p -m 755 ContainerID:/root/…/directoryName it seems to be creating an Executable (Green File). This is causing trouble because with my […]

What should a dockerfile contain to run a simple CRUD web application?

I am studying Docker and to understand better, I want to use it to run a Java web application that I created a while ago. It uses Java, Spring, Hibernate on back-end and Spring MVC on front-end, and MySQL as a database. In Eclipse, it can be easily run on Tomcat and opened in a […]

Compile a java file using docker with own path

Hy. I’m trying to compile a .java file using docker. I read the files on docker’s website, also I read these links: docker’s website about volumes and another question I had put up for gcc compiler I understood the concept for the gcc compiler since it doesn’t create any extra file for compiling. But the […]

maven builds fails inside ubuntu vagrant machine as well as docker instance

I am developing an api using jaxb. The maven build (using jdk-7) works on my local windows machine. Now if I try to build it on my vagrant box (ubuntu/trusty64) after setting up maven and openjdk7 on the vm, I get following error on performing mvn clean install: java.io.FileNotFoundException (operation not permitted) There are in […]

Define application properties on build using Spring Boot and Maven

I have a spring boot application that uses a database. I have the local configuration in the application.properties file. I understand it is possible to change the values when I build the project with maven. I want to set the production values (db on AWS). Here is application.properties spring.datasource.url=${db.url:jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/mydb} spring.datasource.username=${db.username:localusername} spring.datasource.password=${db.password:localpassword} I would like to […]

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