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How to run InfluxDB as a foreground process on Docker using Mesos Marathon

OBJ: I want to start a daemon container with Marathon. I want influxdb to be the service running on the container. Using the Docker run command, I currently start the influxdb service in my daemon containers using supervisord. Is there a way of starting the influxDB service in the foreground directly? Is there a way […]

collectd data not showing in influxdb container

I’m trying to in place a global resource monitoring of a small cluster. The chosen stack: – collectd on the node for data gathering – influxdb as backend using the official docker container – grafana as frontend again using the official container The container are launched on a central server. Grafana is able to connect […]

Adding InfluxDB server in Chronograf – getting getsockopt

I have running influxDB and Chronograf as two separate containers in same machine and can access them from the network. However as I try to add influxDB server in chronograf I get getsockopt: no route to host or getsockopt: connection refused This is within corporate network – otherwise it works well in my home Mac. […]

Is it possible to run Telegraf in Docker (and get accurate metrics)?

I wish to run telegraf – the influxdb metrics collector – via docker on my hosts in order to collect their host-level metrics. This is actually quite easy: an official docker image is available at dockerhub. In an ideal world, a dockerized telegraf would expose the exact same metrics as a non-dockerized version – but […]

how to create an InfluxDB user in a Dockerfile

I’m having trouble creating an InfluxDB user in a dockerfile. I want the dockerfile to also install and start influxd. For postgres I can use this in my Dockerfile after installing postgres: RUN /etc/init.d/postgresql start &&\ psql –command “CREATE USER matt WITH PASSWORD ‘test123’;” &&\ createdb test_db &&\ psql –command “GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE […]

JMeter can't send data to influxdb in docker environment

I want to use influxdb and grafana in docker environment to show time-series data from jmeter. I tried the set up from this post: http://www.testautomationguru.com/jmeter-real-time-results-influxdb-grafana/ and the only difference here is, I’m a docker environment. So I set up the influxdb configuration from the information given from docker hub(https://hub.docker.com/_/influxdb/): I change the configuration file like […]

Collectd not pushing data to influxdb

I have a docker container running influxdb on one server. Then i have collectd running on a separate server. I am wishing to get the two communicating, but it does not seem to be working. I have it correctly set up with regards to ports etc. but the collectd log only shows up “Initialization complete, […]

Telegraf unable to connect to InfluxDB

I am new to docker, influx grafana etc. I got grafana and influxdb running, but seems to be unable to connect telegraf to influxdb. I followed many guides, but I am missing something. I created a Telegraf conf file on E:\docker\containers\telegraf and try to use it with: docker run -v e:/docker/containers/telegraf/:/etc/telegraf/telegraf:ro telegraf But I keep […]

what's the data's meaning collected by cadvisor?

I use cadvisor+influxdb to monitor the performance of docker container, the data collected by cadvisor was stored in influxdb, but I don’t know the meaning of the data,can anyone explain the meaning of data or tell me how cadvisor calculate the cpu usage? The data below shows the data stored in influxdb. Thanks in advance. […]

Grafana + InfluxDB configuration

I installed InfluxDB and Grafana on docker (Kitematic application) and downloaded Telegraf metrics https://grafana.net/dashboards/61. Then I selected my local and tried to import that telegraf-metrics_rev2.json file. But I cannot click “save and open” button because for options InfluxDB I have message: No data sources of type InfluxDB found. Could you please give a hint […]

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