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How to add native docker-compose to official Jenkins image

I am using official Jenkins image: https://hub.docker.com/_/jenkins/ I wonder which is the best approach to add native docker-compose to it. For a full continuous integration system I need Jenkins to start Gradle+docker+docker-compose applications but, unlike with Docker plugins, docker-image plugins for Gradle act just as docker-compose frontend, needing it to be native installed. I will […]

Gradle build fails while executing './gradlew build installDist –info' inside docker container

I have created docker container on SLES 12. I have installed git and java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel. Clone the master branch of https://github.com/apache/incubator-geode.git Changed directory to incubator-geode And then executed ./gradlew build installDist –info This gives an error saying: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. What went wrong: Execution failed for task ‘:gemfire-core:test’. > There were failing tests. […]

Gradle Docker plugin broken pipe on osx

Hi I try to use this awesome Gradle plugin: https://github.com/bmuschko/gradle–docker-plugin I use the following URL obtained from my docker-machine / kitematic installation on osx: docker-machine url default tcp:// However using: url = “tcp://” results in the error: org.apache.http.conn.UnsupportedSchemeException: tcp protocol is not supported When I change the tcp to httpI get a different error: INFO […]

How to detemine the docker entrypoint with snapshot builds?

Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate question. It probably is, but I can’t find what I’m looking for. We have a CI pipeline that uses gradle to build our Java project, and we need to dockerize it. As part of the pipeline, the software version is constantly being updated. So, when we copy […]

Gradle blocked on :app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug

Today I was working on my android app. I pushed a new commit and I was waiting for the notification of successful build, but nothing arrived. The build server is blocked on :app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug and the server has 100% load on every cpu core. I tried also using jdk8 and jdk7 but nothing changed. For blocked […]

Generic Docker Image and Dockerfile for SpringBoot Apps using Gradle

According to https://spring.io/guides/gs/spring-boot-docker/, we can create Docker Images for SpringBoot applications using hard-coded name and version of the application. For instance: src/main/docker/Dockerfile FROM frolvlad/alpine-oraclejdk8:slim VOLUME /tmp ADD gs-spring-boot-docker-0.1.0.jar app.jar RUN sh -c ‘touch /app.jar’ ENTRYPOINT [“java”,”-Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./urandom”,”-jar”,”/app.jar”] However, changing the name or the version of the app breaks the Docker Build command that you place in […]

Gradle under Docker – Could not open cp_proj remapped class cache

I’ve installed Jenkins 2.6 as a docker container on a Windows 2012 Server machine. I have created a project that checks out a project from git. I’ve configured a build step that does a build using gradle wrapper 2.13 The gradle command fails with: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: A […]

how can only package up dockerfile+jar like `distTar` not build image

how can only package up dockerfile+jar like distTar not build image https://github.com/Transmode/gradle-docker

Error pushing docker image to dockerhub using gradle

I am trying this Spring boot with docket example using Gradle, but getting the following error on running the task gradle build buildDocker C:\Users\zeeshan\Workspace\MyWorkspace\SpringBootDocker>gradle build buildDocker :compileJava UP-TO-DATE :processResources UP-TO-DATE :classes UP-TO-DATE :findMainClass :jar :bootRepackage :assemble :compileTestJava UP-TO-DATE :processTestResources UP-TO-DATE :testClasses UP-TO-DATE :test UP-TO-DATE :check UP-TO-DATE :build :buildDocker FAILED FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. […]

How to not build gradle subproject using docker plugin if docker not available?

I have a small multiproject Gradle build. I first constructed a Maven build structure for it, and that works fine. There are three subprojects. Two of them construct WAR files. The last constructs a Docker image using the other two WAR files. The top-level Maven aggregator uses profile activation so that the Docker image project […]

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